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Vodafone reveals iPhone 4 pricing

iPhone 4

By Nicole Kobie

Posted on 14 Jun 2010 at 16:27

Vodafone unveiled pricing for the Apple iPhone 4, starting at £189 for the 16GB version and £280 for the 32GB version - although it appears the tariffs may have been released earlier than intended.

A page on the Vodafone website listed the prices earlier today, but the page has now been taken down. A Vodafone spokesman told PC Pro: "It was a test page. We've taken it down now. As soon as we're ready to share pricing we will."

On that page, Vodafone promised to deliver the iPhone 4 on the 24 June launch date for anyone who pre-orders by midnight on 22 June.

It also said the 16GB version of the iPhone 4 will be available for £189 on the cheapest monthly plans, which are £25 a month on a two-year contract or £30 for an 18 month contract.

The 32GB version will cost £280 on the cheapest monthly plans - £25 a month for two years, or £30 across 18 months.

To get the latest iPhone for free, customers will have to commit to a minimum £45 contract. Vodafone is also offering a range of pricing between the low-end and top end prices.

Such prices compare favourably to the US tariffs for the iPhone, which are $199 and $299 on a two-year contract on AT&T.

Vodafone is offering 1024MB of mobile broadband a month, double that of O2's new pricing plan, which starts from 500MB a month. Vodafone is also offering free calls to other Vodafone mobiles to anyone who pre-orders for the lifetime of their contract.

Other than Vodafone and O2, the iPhone 4 will also be available from 3, T-Mobile and Orange.

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User comments

thinking about the 32GB...

Total cost of ownership over 24 months:

25GBP per month = £880
30GBP per month = £959
35GBP per month = £1019
40GBP per month = £1109
45GBP per month = £1169
60GBP per month = £1440

Don't see the point of 16GB if you'll be shooting movies in HD.

By randomtoast on 14 Jun 2010


Please don't confuse Apple users with your true facts.

Their maths goes like this:

Shiny thing + Apple logo = Buy

By Lacrobat on 14 Jun 2010

Tw*t alert he may go by Lacrobat but he most definitely is a grade A top choice tw*t. He'll miss this because he's trying to get rid of a virus off his wintel

By a_d_fostr on 14 Jun 2010

Why the secrecy?

If it's available in 10 days, why should the price be secret?

By milliganp on 14 Jun 2010

Compared to...

It puts the £429 iPad into perspective does it. Most people have no idea what there phone has cost them over the period of the contract.

By Stiggy on 14 Jun 2010

Alternative math
New tech + 12 months = Paper weight !

By Jaberwocky on 14 Jun 2010

yeah apple fans are defintly simple people haha!! Oh lets pay 5 times the price to get sumthing thats just nice and shiny :P.

I think the iphone would be the only thing i would actually consider buying from apple if it wasnt for the ridiculous price. Luckily we now have a capable alternative in android which given another year will be much better than the iphone os

By martinburman on 14 Jun 2010

Oh please......

For an audience that's supposed to attract PC professionals, there's a certain amount of crap here.

@martinburman - "Luckily we now have a capable alternative in android which given another year will be much better than the iphone os".

So wait another year. iOS 5 will be out by then ;-)

However, if you prefer Android, fine.

@randomtoast - never bought a shiny gadget that's out of date almost as soon as you've parted with your hard earned?

Jaberwocky's got it about right. Whatever we buy now, from whatever company, in 12 months time it's old hat and we'll want the next thing, whether Apple, Android, PC,'s just the way it is. Life moves on.

I'm getting one because I "want" one, not because I "need" one, and I'm lucky enough to be able to afford it.

By simonhiscocks on 14 Jun 2010


Where did you see me complaining Simon??

Taking a look a the old vodafone 3GS prices, they are exactly the same as these leaked v4 prices, so i wouldn't be at all suprised to see them change (up?) before the day is out... Personally I want to get a feel for total cost compared to the closest competition and see if i'm prepared to pay the apple premium.

I love how this subject gets everyone so hot under the collar! :)

By randomtoast on 15 Jun 2010

sim free prices on now

Look the same as the old 3GS prices, if that's any indication on the contract price...
16GB from £499
32GB from £599
Same as the 3GS prices for the same sizes on

By randomtoast on 15 Jun 2010

sim free

Considering the rubbish tariffs and restrictions they are introducing, sim free has got to be the way to go, assuming your provider will convert your ordinary sim to a micro.

By colsmith on 15 Jun 2010

What next

looking at the 3G package from Vodafone when it came out they wanted to charge £25 a month but after Orange and 02 came out with the same package for £10 they dropped the price, im hopping to see this with the iphone4 pricing, may be not as much with the price of the handset but may be better deals on the contrats.

By boontech on 15 Jun 2010


@a_d_fostr - I have complained about your comment. that's just completely out of order. here's hoping you get suspended.

By gavmeister on 16 Jun 2010

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