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Apple counter-sues Kodak over digital camera patents


By Hani Megerisi

Posted on 20 Apr 2010 at 17:09

Apple has filed a counter-suit against Kodak in what's becoming an increasingly ugly patent dispute.

Kodak filed a suit against Apple and RIM in January, claiming the technology used to preview images on their phones violated one of its patents.

Apple has now retaliated by claiming infringement of its patents for digital camera memory handling and digital image processing. The firm said it had been “irreparably harmed by Kodak's acts of infringement, and will continue to be harmed unless and until Kodak acts of infringement are enjoined and restrained by order of this court”.

Apple has been irreparably harmed by Kodak's acts of infringement, and will continue to be harmed unless and until Kodak acts of infringement are enjoined and restrained by order of this court

A number of Kodak products, including the M-Series and C-series cameras, and several models from is video camera ranges, are listed in the filing. Kodak was unavailable for comment, and a spokesman from Apple said the firm does not comment on pending litigation.

The firms are no stranger to courtroom patent battles. Apple is currently fighting a number of patent suits against Nokia, counter-suing the Scandinavian phone-maker after it sued Apple in October and again in January. Apple also filed a suit against HTC last month, in what was perceived as a thinly veiled attack on Google, as HTC manufactures several of the Android handsets.

Similarly, Kodak has launched suits against other phone makers, including Samsung and LG in 2008, over the use of camera technology in mobile handsets.

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User comments

Apple the new Bad Guy?

Seems to me Apple is falling out with everyone - didn't they have a big hoo-haa with Adobe last week when they banned flash technology on their IPhone. Now everyone is lining up to take shots at Apple

By pauld1024 on 20 Apr 2010

Rotten iDiots

And so they rightfully should - Aple is stealing other people tech and getting away with it!

They have watched M$ do it for years and are now doing the same :(

Aple is now stepping on all the people that *helped* Aple get where it is today

Rotten fruit turned Evil

By nicomo on 20 Apr 2010

They're all as bad as each other...

Kodak sues Apple, Samsung and LG, Apple sues Kodak back.
Nokia sues Apple who fights back.

They are all as bad as each other, and in today's world, this is business...Some companies make most of their money from suing other companies..

By forquare1 on 21 Apr 2010

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