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iPhone 4 "found in bar"


By Hani Megerisi

Posted on 19 Apr 2010 at 16:31

A fourth generation Apple iPhone has apparently been found in a bar in California.

It was left in Redwood City, only a few miles from Apple’s Palo Alto HQ, according to a report by Gizmodo. Several differences in features and design were noticed when comparing the device to an older model.

The camera has been given a flash and a “noticeably larger” lens, while a new front-facing camera has been added. A secondary mic port was also found, most likely for noise cancellation.

The alleged new iPhone uses the micro-SIM technology used in the Apple iPad and is said to have a 16% larger battery.

If the changes are real, then Apple has delivered many of the features most sought after by iPhone users

The cosmetic differences include a completely flat back panel made of plastic and an aluminium lining, rather than the completely metal casing of the iPad. This could be because of the slate’s reported Wi-Fi problems, as signals can travel more easily through plastic than metal.

Is it real?

When connected to a computer, the device was apparently identified as an iPhone, and both devices reacted in the same way as a regular iPhone connected to a PC.

The insides of the device were all Apple-labelled components, and Gizmodo speculated that, with the thinner casing and new larger battery, the components from a 3G or 3GS would not have fitted inside. The person who found the device also claimed he could access the interface and use it as a regular iPhone before it was remotely disabled by Apple.

Sources close to the company claim that a prototype device has gone missing, according to Gizmodo.

If the device is genuine, then Apple looks set to deliver many of the features most sought after by iPhone users – including an improved camera and battery life, as well as better voice clarity. Apple is widely expected to launch a new iPhone this summer.

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User comments


Ooops sorry. For a moment I thought you said it included Flash, not *a* flash.... That really _would_ have caused a stooshie. Anyway, nice to see Apple finally catching up a bit with the HTC/Android combo.

By CraigieDD on 19 Apr 2010

The paranoid conspiracy freak in me wonders if this was 'mislaid' about the same time that the HTC desire went on general release as a spoiler. The cynic expects some mid-level Apple exec to be found dead later this week, having shot himself... in the back of the head.

By Noghar on 19 Apr 2010

Mislaid ?

How the hell would you lose an apple prototype ? in a bar of all places ?
I hang on dearly to my aged old samsung wherever i go. i would not lose an iphone if i had one, especially if it was a prototype iphone, especially if it was a prototype iphone that if i mislaid it in a bar i would be hung drawn quartered and then fed to the lions (or ms)
NO WAY, this sticks of marketing !! :( booh hah to you Apple

By baileytech on 19 Apr 2010

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