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Windows 7 hits 10% market share

Windows 7

By Stuart Turton

Posted on 7 Apr 2010 at 09:40

Windows 7 has taken 10% of the global market almost a year faster than its much-berated predecessor, according to figures from Net Applications.

It has taken Windows 7 just five months to hit the 10% milestone, whereas Vista didn't pass that target until May 2008, 16 months after its first appearance.

However, the growth of Windows 7 came at the expense of Windows XP, which dropped from 70.5% of the market in October to 64.5% in March. Over the same period, Vista's market share fell from 18.8% to 16% - leaving Windows 7 on a trajectory to overtake it this summer.

The cannibalisation of XP's market share means Microsoft's overall share of the operating system market fell half a percentage point to a 91.6%.

It was also a good month for Google's Chrome, which now holds 6.1% of the browser market, ahead of Safari which sits on a 4.7% share.

The browser has been growing rapidly in in the past six months, picking up 2.55% of market share, compared to 0.45% for Firefox, Safari's 0.23% and Opera's 0.20%. In contrast, Internet Explorer has lost 3.99% - a situation which could be exacerbated by the browser ballot, currently being rolled out to European users.

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User comments

I will say one thig about Net Applications. It isn't just a desktop/laptop OS market share comparison. It is based on every OS out there that can navigate the web so Windows lost tiny bits of market share to Blackberry, Symbian, iPhone, Java and iPod. I wish they wouldn't include the phone OSs. Also Mac OSX 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6 gained market share!! How can there be more computers running 10.4 this month than last month?

By TimoGunt on 7 Apr 2010

Re: TimoGunt

"OSX 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6 gained market share!! How can there be more computers running 10.4 this month than last month?"

There don't need to be more 10.4 machines for it's market share to increase. The market could have shrunk!

By Bassey1976 on 7 Apr 2010

Chrome + Win 7 = no Apple

with such speed and a slick interface using Chrome and Win 7, there's no excuse for spending the ridiculous premium Apple hardware demands.

By gavmeister on 7 Apr 2010

yep fair point Bassey. gavmeister I think for a lot of people that have no idea about specs, the Apple Mac is an obvious choice. They have no concept of how fast their computer runs but as long as it does what they need at a speed that is comfortable to them that is good enough. They don't have to deal with tons of 3rd party crap that gets loaded on and they have a website that seems to help you out with any problems you encounter as well as suggestions for hardware and software.
I'm not an iPad fan, in fact I cringe about the name and the device, but the reason it will do a lot better than the HP slate is because they make finding software so easy. Why isn't there a Windows store? Forget about the higher PC prices compared to phone apps but wouldn't it be easier just to click on an in built apps icon and search through software that was available for Windows?
Microsoft have created a fantastic OS but they need 2 versions. A home version that does everything you need and has a store where you can get hold of software from any company and a business version that has no app store or media player etc.
Businesses can download them if they need. You only have to look at the success of steam who really were the inventors of an app store in effect to see that it works. Games companies want their games on there because it sells so much easier. Why can't Microsoft create an app store for every application and build it into the OS. Take 5% of the earnings just to cover costs and make things easier for the clueless. Rant over

By TimoGunt on 7 Apr 2010

windows store...

Hey TimoGunt...

I agree but what about the monopolies commission - they'd love a Windows store...

Pity they don't mind Apple not offering a choice of browser

By andychat on 9 Apr 2010

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