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Fleximus: the digital camera that shoots from any angle

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By Barry Collins

Posted on 23 Dec 2009 at 07:42

Art Lebedev has released details of a concept camera that he claims will allow photographers to "shoot at angles never imaginable before".

Lebedev is best known for his customisable - and highly expensive - Optimus Maximus keyboards, which put a tiny OLED screen beneath the surface of each key.

Now he's turning his attention to photography. Although there's nothing particularly original about cameras mounted on flexible tubes, Lebedev has put a fresh spin on the device by adding a small viewfinder to the other end.

He's also designed a version which will have a 3in display module attached to the camera, effectively turning the device into a bendy camcorder.

Fleximus with screen

"Fleximus is a photo and video camera," Lebedev's website reads. "It is designed to have as few controllers as possible. The flexible tube allows a photographer to shoot at angles never imaginable before."

The device is still at the drawing board stage and there's no word on price or availability. Although if past form is anything to go by - his keyboards cost $1,500 for instance - don't expect this to be appearing in the bargain bin at Dixons anytime soon.

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User comments

With the image of the woman in the dress (no face, just the body) and the guy with a grin using the camera to look over his shoulder, this camera would appear to be a voyeurs dream!

"shoot at angles never imaginable before" - Like what exactly? If you want to take a picture over your shoulder, turn around.

As I say, voyeur's dream.

That said, it's a cool looking funky device.

By Grunthos on 23 Dec 2009

Another non-story in "news"

Its not a camera, its not a camcorder, its a concept model. Nothing more than a mirage. A fine day to submit pap to journos desperate to publish something, anything!

By darkhairedlord on 23 Dec 2009

Invisible camera

A white object photographed against a white background. Genius. Should have taken it during a blizzard for extra effect.

By peterm2k on 23 Dec 2009

I agree with Grunthos that this is a Voyeurs dream camera/gadget that one may use to spy on people. Great for looking round corners too and seeing who's coming up behind you - saying that cyclists might like it and use it as a rear view mirror :) In that case I'll have one :D

By nicomo on 23 Dec 2009

@nicomo: I think that is probably the best brainwave I've heard all year. I'll get one too!

By phantombudgie on 23 Dec 2009

Looks like one of the small flexible cameras you can buy from Maplin for looking inside car engines, they don't have a recorder built in though

By Jaker on 24 Dec 2009

I think The Vapours said it best in their 80s classic 'Turning Japanese':
"I want a doctor to take a picture so I can look at you from inside as well"
He's reinvented an endoscope...

By simoncarter on 14 Jan 2010

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