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13 May 2015
PC Pro Podcast

Is Uber really worth $50bn? Plus, the Tesla sell-out and Samsung's phone problems

Welcome to this week's PC Pro podcast.

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On this week's podcast: The panel discusses what Uber's $50bn valuation actually means, Tesla's "sold-out" Powerwall Home Battery, why Samsung's smartphone share has declined in China, and whether Google muscling in on the takeaway market is monopolistic. The Hot Hardware nominee is the £917 Intel 750 Series 1.2TB SSD.

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Previous episodes

Episode 360 (06 May 2015)Should students should be allowed to use Google in exams?; Microsoft pushes forward with its Build 2015 conference; and Tesla's Powerwall home battery looks to a renewable future. Finally, the hot hardware of the week is the long-awaited Microsoft Surface 3.

Episode 359 (29 April 2015)Google challenges mobile networks with Project Fi, rumours begin about Google Glass 2, Audi showcases new fuel tech, and an iPad grounds American Airlines. Our hot hardware candidate is the Apple MacBook.

Episode 358 (22 April 2015):Google denies the existence of Android malware, HBO clamps down on cross-border streaming and the MacBook Pro starts to lose its lustre. In addition, we answer a selection of reader questions and vote on our hot hardware candidate, the Basis Peak smartwatch.

Episode 357 (15 April 2015): we discuss the uncomfortable experience of buying an Apple Watch, the high-profile Game of Thrones leak and a European antitrust action against Google. Our hot hardware candidate is the Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi, a compact convertible with a quad-HD screen.

Episode 356 (8 April 2015): we discuss a new breakthrough in battery technology, rumours that Google might acquire Twitter, and early news of the first planned update to Windows 10. Our hot hardware candidate is the Microsoft Band.

Episode 355 (1 April 2015): we discuss Microsoft's new Surface 3 tablet, a spate of hacker attacks and Jay-Z's recently acquired Tidal music streaming service. Our hot hardware candidate is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Episode 354 (25 March 2015): We discuss intriguing announcements from Facebook’s F8 conference, a Twitter initiative that aims to curb online abuse, and Android’s new on-body detection feature. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the HTC One M9.

Episode 353 (18 March 2015): Yahoo talks up its forthcoming plans for security and privacy at SXSW; the UK says Hello to Microsoft's fitness tracker, the Microsoft Band; and Apple readies its much-touted music streaming service. Finally, the all-new Dell XPS 13 attempts to capture the team's hearts (and wallets).

Episode 352 (11 March 2015): we discuss Apple's "Spring Forward" event, ask why EU data roaming charges are still a thing, and argue about whether or not institutions are right to ban selfie sticks. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Alienware 17 R2 gaming laptop.

Episode 351 (4 March 2015): we sift through the most important - and most unusual - announcements from MWC, find out why lawyers and Lizards are descending on Lenovo, and wonder what Apple's "Spring Forward" event on Monday could possibly be. This week's Hot Hardware nominee is the Toshiba Chromebook 2.

Episode 350 (25 February 2015): Lenovo gets battered by the Superfish debacle, Valve readies its Steam VR headset for GDC 2015 unveil, Apple and Volvo do their bit to drive car tech forwards, and the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge turns the corner in Hot Hardware of the Week.

Episode 349 (18 February 2015): we discuss the resurgence of smart glasses; DJ Zane Lowe's surprise move to Apple; and proposals to use "white-space" radio frequencies for wireless broadband. Though not strictly hardware, the Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones is subjected to the "hot or not?" vote.

Episode 348 (11 February 2015): we discuss a landmark ruling against the UK intelligence services; look ahead to the Ubuntu phone and the Samsung Galaxy S6; and ask how worried we should be about eavesdropping TVs. Our hot hardware candidate is the Sony SmartBand Talk, a fitness band with a plethora of features and an E Ink screen.

Episode 347 (5 February 2015)we ask whether Facebook has any business badgering us to vote; special guest Steve Cassidy clues us in on new medical research at Cambridge; and we debate whether or not Amazon's WorkMail is a game-changer. Our hot hardware candidate is the Raspberry Pi 2.

Episode 346 (28 January 2015): we discuss Apple’s record-breaking profits announcement; Ofcom’s plans to incubate the UK’s Internet-of-Things industry; and a mysterious outage at Facebook. Our hot hardware candidate is the Hannspree Micro PC, a complete Windows computer that is – we can confirm – small enough to fit in a pocket.

Episode 345 (21 January 2015): Apple buys Musicmetric analytics firm; Google winds up its Glass Explorer program; Microsoft's AutoCharge concept recharges your smartphone with light; and we await the announcements from today's Windows 10 event. Finally, hot hardware of the week sees the team step into a virtual world with the Samsung Gear VR.

Episode 344 (14 January 2015)we discuss David Cameron’s pledge to outlaw encrypted messaging systems; look forward to real-time translation services that can bridge the language gap; and ask whether Google was right to publicise a security hole in Windows before it was patched. Our hot hardware candidate is the HP Envy x2 13, a Windows 8 hybrid based in Intel’s Core M processor.

we discuss the latest news and launches from CES in Las Vegas, including Intel’s tiny new Curie platform, Nvidia’s “superprocessor” for cars and a host of wearable devices, including new rivals for Google Glass. Our hot hardware candidate is the Bush MyTablet, a fully-featured 8in Windows tablet costing just £99.

Episode 343 (7 January 2015)we discuss the latest news and launches from CES in Las Vegas, including Intel’s tiny new Curie platform, Nvidia’s “superprocessor” for cars and a host of wearable devices, including new rivals for Google Glass. Our hot hardware candidate is the Bush MyTablet, a fully-featured 8in Windows tablet costing just £99.

Episode 342 (17 December 2014)Darien Graham-Smith plays quizmaster as he tests the team’s knowledge (and memory) of the year’s biggest technology news. Tim, Darien, John and Sasha also discuss what they thought was the hottest hardware of the year.

Episode 341 (11 December 2014): We ask whether Tim Cook is right to characterise Facebook users as products being sold; discuss a vulnerability that exploits Windows PowerShell; and look forward to Google’s forthcoming child-friendly services. Our hot hardware candidate is the Medion LifeTab S10346 – also known as the Aldi Tablet.

Episode 340 (3 December 2014): MPs call for more transparent terms and conditions on social media networks; the ASA smacks down product placement on YouTube; and the Surface Pro’s sales surge. Our hot hardware candidate is the generously sized Nexus 6 smartphone.

Episode 339 (26 November 2014): Was Facebook to blame for the murder of Lee Rigby? Intel’s promise of 10TB SSDs within two years; Google in court over malicious search results. Hot hardware: Toshiba Satellite CL10-B, £199 Windows laptop.

Episode 338 (19 November 2014): Is Facebook at Work a good idea? The world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional;  Nokia announces a new Android tablet the same day Microsoft closes the Nokia Store. Hot hardware: Fuze (type II) Raspberry Pi-based computer.

Episode 337 (12 November 2014): Are robots taking our jobs? YouTube Music Key; Silk Road 2.0. Hot hardware: Google Nexus 9, running Android Lollipop.

Episode 336 (5 November 2014): mobile roaming in the UK; Hungary's internet tax; GCHQ and internet companies; Google Glass struggles for adoption. Hot hardware: Amazon Kindle Fire HD6.

Episode 335 (29 October 2014): HP Sprout; Apple looks to Beats for streaming; Google Inbox; Information Age exhibit at the Science Museum. Hot hardware: Apple iMac with 5K Retina display.

Episode 334 (22 October 2014): internet trolls face jail; goodbye Nokia Lumia; a Microsoft smartwatch?; Google's £5 security key. Hot hardware: Apple iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3.

Episode 333 (15 October 2014): Snapchat and Dropbox hacked; Apple egg-freezing; Intel goes mobile; and new-look PC Pro. Hot hardware: Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro.

Episode 332 (8 October 2014): Twitter takes on the US govt; a week with Windows 10; HP splits in two; and Samsung's profits tumble. Hot hardware: Pebble Steel

Episode 331 (1 October 2014): Microsoft reveals Windows 10; paying for Wi-Fi with your first-born; the sharing economy. Hot hardware: BlackBerry Passport

Episode 330 (24 September 2014): Samsung abandons Europe; Larry Ellison steps down at Oracle; iOS 8 and OneDrive problems. Hot hardware: Apple iPhone 6

Episode 329 (17 September 2014): Microsoft buys Minecraft; Apple’s U2 misstep; Intel’s new 3D camera; Windows 9. Hot hardware: HP Envy 15 X360.

Episode 328 (10 September 2014): The Apple iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Watch are officially announced; Intel reveals its own vision for smartwatches, the wireless future and the next-gen Skylake CPU. Hot hardware: Motorola Moto G 2.

Episode 327 (3 September 2014): Apple denies fault over celebrity photo hacks; tech show IFA unleashes smartphone and smartwatch frenzy; Google says smartwatches and drones are next big thing. Hot hardware: Asus Zenfone 5.

Episode 326 (27 August 2014): Amazon buys live game streaming service Twitch; Xbox Live, Battle.net and PlayStation Network are hit by massive DDoS attacks; leaks reveal BlackBerry’s forthcoming handsets; and the US rules against copyright for simian photographers. Hot hardware: Dell Venue 8 tablet.

Episode 325 (20 August 2014) :
Google unveils new kids' accounts; Ballmer departs Microsoft; Intel unveils wearables to monitor Parkinson's. Hot hardware: Asus Chromebox

Episode 324 (13 August 2014) : Amazon versus Hachette; upgrading to Windows 9; Chromebooks in the classroom; Intel Core M procesor. Hot hardware: Sony Xperia T3 smartphone

Episode 323 (6 August 2014) : Wikipedia and the right to be forgotten, smartphone batteries, Gmail snooping and Bluetooth stalking. Hot hardware: Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Episode 322 (30 July 2014) : Microsoft Shark's Cove, 5G for London, hijacking banner ads to fight piracy and Amazon's online 3D shop. Hot Hardware: Nokia Lumia 930

Episode 321 (23 July 2014) : Falling iPad sales, poor take up of network-level internet filters, Microsoft layoffs and the UK's new "four strikes" anti-piracy policy. Hot Hardware: LG G Watch

Episode 320 (16 July 2014) : $99 Windows tablets; Motorola's round-faced Moto 360 smartwatch; and the UK's first spaceport. Hot Hardware: Google Glass

Episode 319 (9 July 2014) : smartphone selling pitfalls; Wi-Fi on commuter trains; BlackBerry Passport goes square; and PC sales go up. Hot Hardware: Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

Episode 318 (2 July 2014) : Facebook's emotion experiment; robot-testing in the UK; smartwatch rumours; and Microsoft takes over No-IP domains. Hot Hardware: Chillblast Defiant 2 Mini

Episode 317 (25 June 2014) : robots take our jobs; mobile operators combat not-spots; streaming music shakes up charts; and Google I/O. Hot Hardware: LG G3

Episode 316 (18 June 2014) : Google balloons; Ofcom and fibre prices; the UK government spies on Facebook, and PaperLater prints the web. Hot Hardware: Intel Devil's Canyon CPU

Episode 315 (11 June 2014) : Turing test beaten; eBay hack sympathy; home-help robots, plus Google and Amazon's forthcoming devices go 3D. Hot Hardware: Asus Transformer Pad TF103C

Episode 314 (5 June 2014) : OS X 10.10 Yosemite; Operation Tovar; Google Glass; new Intel CPUs, plus a bartending robot. Hot Hardware: Asus Memo Pad 7 and 8

Episode 313 (29 May 2014) : Driverless cars; LG G3 smartphone; Microsoft vs the FBI; Windows XP support hack; Windows 8.1 with Bing. Hot hardware: Asus PB287Q 4K monitor

Episode 312 (22 May 14): Surface Pro 3; Google and Twitter go on a spending spree; EE rapped over advertising; "right to be forgotten" fallout. Hot hardware: Motorola Moto E

Episode 311 (15 May 2014): Google and the "right to be forgotten"; Mozilla floats ad plans; Moto E launches at £89; Jupiter Ace for sale. Hot hardware: Panasonic Toughpad UT-MB5 4K tablet

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