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LogMeIn Rescue

Rescue PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets from anywhere

Every IT support person out there in field has experienced it: support queries cue up, you have no one to collaborate with, and you need to make too many offsite visits.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could be anywhere, anytime, in a flash, like a superhero?

To the Rescue

LogMeIn Rescue allows you to support PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets remotely, as if you're sitting right in front of it. And no pre-installed software is required. It's an effortless, hands-off experience for the customer and a streamlined, time-saving, productivity-boosting tool for the technician.

Keep your end users happy and
technicians productive

LogMeIn Rescue couldn’t be more efficient for technicians. By giving them an easy and secure way to support PCs, Macs and smartphones they can resolve issues faster. Enable computers to be accessed at a configurable time in an unattended mode without the end user's involvement with the Unattended Access capability. And, with the Desktop App technicians can access their console in just one click, so they can provide support faster, without the hassle of a browser.

The feature rich product also allows helpdesk and IT managers to have visibility into the support interaction to help build a more productive and cost-effective helpdesk that’s focused on the customer satisfaction. By giving agents the opportunity to collaborate or transfer sessions they can solve more problems on the first call, all to make the end user happier.

As for the end user, LogMeIn Rescue couldn’t be easier. They just have to go to enter a 6-digit generated PIN-code and run a small applet that is firewall-friendly and secure – it uses the same 256-bit SSL encryption as many major banks. The applet is installed in just seconds and the remote support session is started when the end user grant the technician access. Once the support session is completed the applet disappears from the user’s machine - nothing is left behind!

Keep your users mobile

Demand for smartphones and tablets continues to increase, and more people become more mobile. With LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile you can connect and support today’s most popular platforms: Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian.

The remote smartphone simulation lets technicians share access to an end user’s device, as if it were in their hands, and quickly resolve issues.

Easy, flexible and secure

LogMeIn Rescue has thousands of users in small, medium and large organisations. It’s being used by Universities, IT Service Providers, Telco’s and Call Centers to deliver the best support experience out there.

See for yourself! Find out why the world’s largest organisations rely on LogMeIn Rescue to support their employees and end users.




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