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Downloadable iso Image

Postby Longman » Mon Oct 07, 2013 12:31 pm

Like many I'm real dissapointed that the DVD is no longer included with mag

Have made 1st attempt to log on and download some prog's per the new regime but now dissapointed that website essentially presents old coverdisk browser interface only 'online' vs 'offline' - I dont want to pick ad hoc and see benefit in having all in library - not least as machines I work on are often not connected or wont be until fully patched and security s/w added!

Can we not get a link posted which allows download of an offline DVD iso image that pulls in all the available s/w for the edition? A great resource and very user friendly way of operating even at the cost of excessive download usagae - the upside being that mutiple machine updates and new/rebuilds means that you can then revert to disc vs yet another download - effectively netting off the download allowance impact and much more neighbourly that repeat downloads (MSFT is bad enough on that score!).

Restore best of old & new worlds without publisher having to issue/carry cost of disk production - afterall the underling "browser" experience is alrady available and compiled for use on teh little/no extra work for the PCPro Team!

Thoughts? any supporting comments?
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