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39 best iPhone and iPad apps of 2014

Posted on 13 Aug 2014 at 17:00

If you're looking to get the most out of your iOS device then filling it with useful apps is a good place to start. Here is a list of 39 of the best apps you can download for your iPhone or iPad

Looking for inspiration for the next app to download for your iPhone or iPad? Then this list of 2014’s 39 best iPhone and iPad apps is a great place to start.

Note: this is an article that will be updated at regular intervals. If you discover an app that you think warrants a place in the chart, then get in touch via the comments sections at the bottom of the page or tweet us @PCPro.

best iPhone and iPad apps 2014

Best iPhone and iPad apps 2014: general



This year has seen Google’s browser launch first on Android and then on iOS. Its main strength is synchronisation, and with so many people now defaulting to Chrome on the desktop that’s a big one. Open a series of tabs on your work PC, continue working in them on the train home on your tablet, then open them again on a home laptop. This seamless working has quickly made it a favourite among the PC Pro office, even though the iOS version lacks some of Safari’s integration with the rest of the OS.

Click here to download Chrome - Free

Room planner

Room planner

Room Planner has been in the App Store for a while, but this premium app is free for a limited time, and it’s well worth downloading. It’s aimed at helping budding architects and interior designers try out different room designs and layouts without the need for sketching skills.

The premise is straightforward: draw out a floor plan using the templates provided, and add windows, doors, walls and furniture as necessary. There’s a whole library of components to choose from, including kitchen cabinets and bathroom appliances, alongside more humdrum items such as sofas and beds.
The clever bit is that, once you’ve finished your design, you can change viewpoint and see your 2D plan transformed into a 3D model. This is no featureless wireframe, though. All components are fully realised and detailed, so your virtual room looks like the real thing.

We encourage anyone doing a bit of home renovation to install Room Planner. Even if the price increases again, we’d still recommend it. Jonathan Bray

Room planner - Free



No one likes syncing their iPhone, largely because of iTunes. Thankfully, an app such as FileBrowser makes it possible to get files on and off your iOS device in another way, albeit with some restrictions. It can see your Photo Library and your iTunes sync files by default, but you can also use your own folder to store files, and copy them to and from any network-connected device you know the address of. It’s a bit fiddly and requires some tech knowledge, but with Dropbox integration for an extra 69p, and the ability to stream files from to your phone, it’s a rare Android-esque slice of feature-adding for iPhone and iPad users.

Click here to download FileBrowser - £2.99



Quora is a social network for questions and answers: post any query you like, and if people deem it interesting they’ll post responses, which other users then up or downvote. How useful Quora can be naturally depends on people seeing your questions, so the app neatly integrates with Facebook and Twitter – the first time you log on it will list the questions posed or answered by those you follow. Even if you don’t have a question to ask, browsing topics quickly becomes an addictive timesink.

Click here to download Quora - Free



If we could use just one password creation and storage system across our devices it would be 1Password. Whether it’s the basic app for iPhone or the Pro app that also supports the iPad, it offers the most intuitive way to use a different random password for every site you visit without having to remember them. Combine it with the desktop software for Windows and Mac, which can store credit cards, passport details and even personal notes, and you have the ultimate password solution. Our only gripe is the cost – if you'd prefer a less expensive option, try LastPass.

Click here to download 1Password - From £6.49



We use so many different cloud-based services these days that managing them all and remembering where your information is stored can be a tricky proposition. Enter CloudMagic, which acts as a hub for all your online activities, giving you one search box for email, contacts, Twitter, Facebook, Google Docs, Evernote, Dropbox and more. It isn’t just about search, either, as CloudMagic’s homescreen also provides an invaluable overview of recent activity across all your online services, so you can keep yourself up to speed… on yourself.

Click here to download CloudMagic - Free

Smartr Contacts

Smartr Contacts

Devoted users of Xobni – the popular Outlook plugin that spruces up your inbox with pictures and updates from social networks – will enjoy the company’s mobile offering. Smartr Contacts creates an address book with the details of pretty much anyone you’ve ever had any communication. It can pull data in from social networks, email contacts and conversations, and even calendar entries – and it recognises phone numbers among the wealth of information. It doesn’t work with all email accounts, and it can be a little frightening at first, but there’s no doubt it’s a powerful tool.

Click here to download Smartr Contacts for iPhone - Free



A splendidly simple, well-executed concept, Bump lets you send files to other smartphones and PCs by physically bumping them together. Most of the app’s features are geared towards bumping two phones together to swap files – the iPhone’s motion sensor acting as a trigger – although in our brief tests, we found we had to synchronise our bumping pretty closely to make it work (A "one, two, three", scissors, paper, stone-style countdown proved effective). However, Bump is the most convenient means we know of transferring files from iPhone to PC (as long as they’re connected to the same Wi-Fi network). Visit in your PC browser, physically tap the phone against the PC’s spacebar, and the selected files are transferred in a heartbeat. Photos, videos, music and documents can all be flung from phone to PC, and vice versa.

Click here to download Bump - free

Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2

No, we don’t get why you’d call a calendar app Fantastical either, but if you can forgive the hyperbolic name, this is a cracking little organiser. The app not only pulls together your various calendars (Google, Exchange and Apple’s own), but merges to-do lists and calendar events to give you a clear breakdown of the days ahead.

With the iPhone in portrait orientation, Fantastical shows a list of upcoming events, with the option to flick between daily and monthly calendar views; flip the phone into landscape orientation, and you’ll find the weekly view, with appointments plotted in the diary.

Best of all, however, is the ease with which you can enter appointments using natural language commands. Type "lunch with Tim at 2pm on Friday" and it’s popped straight into your diary. You can even speak the diary entries, provided you’ve got a data connection.

Click here to download Fantastical 2 - £1.99

Launch Center Pro

Launch Center Pro

Launch Center Pro is described as a "speed dial for anything you do with your iPhone", which might be pushing it a touch. Instead, it’s a handy shortcut creator for various tasks, such as adding the last photo taken with your phone’s camera to Facebook, or sending a text message to a particular contact.

Its greatest strength is that it’s not only capable of working with the default iPhone apps, but a decent range of third-party apps too, so you can create a one-click button to call a certain contact in Skype, for instance, or search Spotify for a particular artist. It’s one of those apps that you’ll quickly find indispensable.

Click here to download Launch Center Pro - £2.99



Until its recent acquisition by Dropbox, downloading Mailbox involved nothing more than a tedious, weeks-long wait to get to the front of the queue and start using the app. Now, seemingly with greater server muscle behind it, everyone can get up and running with this minimalist take on inbox management.

The aim of Mailbox is to clear your email in tray, either by swiping right to archive the message, or swiping left to deal with the message at a point in the future. You can defer the message until "later today", "tomorrow", or the rather wooly "someday", at which point it will darken your Mailbox once more. Messages can also be replied to or forwarded in the normal manner, or sent to lists such as "To Read" or "To Buy".

You’re rewarded for clearing your inbox with a picture of the day, which is far less of an incentive than the sheer satisfaction of knowing you’ve dealt with all your email, even if some of it has merely been kicked into the long grass. Alas, Mailbox works with only Gmail accounts at present, which is a shame since this refreshing approach to inbox management would be perfect for a work account.

Click here to download Mailbox - free



To-do list apps are ten-a-penny, and it often comes down to which one you like the feel of after you’ve made and cleared a few items. Still, this minimalist iOS app is as effortless as they come. Create, delete and clear items with simple swipes, and drag items up and down in the list to keep your priorities in order. And that’s it. It’s a doddle to learn, and its colour-coded entries give a suitable sense of urgency to your tasks.

Click here to download Clear - 69p

Best iPhone and iPad apps 2014: photography

Photoshop Touch for phone

Photoshop Touch for phone

Introduced on the iPad and Android tablets last year, Photoshop Touch has now made its way to the iPhone. It certainly offers more editing power than any other iOS photo app we’ve come across, although whether you’ll want to be fiddling with features such as layers, lasso selections and such like on a 4in smartphone screen is debatable. The range of special effects filters is excellent, however, and the ability to swipe to adjust the colour and intensity of filters is more than most of the Instagram clones offer. Options to apply gradients and fades, or warp and transform images, provide even greater creative control. Photoshop Touch pushed our test iPhone 4S to the very limits, and consequently took a heavy toll on battery life, but if you’re bored with the identikit photo filters that arrive with most iPhone apps, this is a cheap way to take creative control.

Click here to download Photoshop Touch for phone - £2.99



Overlaying text on photographs with generic photo-editing apps tends to be crude and unconvincing. Over, as the name suggests, is designed specifically for that task, and includes a selection of attractive fonts to make the typography look stunning across your photos.

It’s great for designing high impact, poster-style motifs, and there’s a full range of control over the size, colour and positioning of the text, which is smoothly dragged and dropped into the desired position. A limited selection of photo editing tools allow you to tint the photo to make the text really stand out.

As ever with these apps, there’s an additional range of font packs to acquire as in-app purchases for modest fees, but the 20 or so fonts included for the admission price provide plenty of range to get you started with. There’s even an option to create printed postcards of your work and have them sent anywhere in the world. For a fee, of course.

Click here to download Over - £1.49



The concept behind Cinemagram is so good that Nokia has purloined it for its thinly veiled Cinemagraph feature in the Lumia 920. The app allows you to shoot a short video, freeze a frame, and then paint in areas that retain their motion, creating clever effects such as bubbles rising up a static pint of lager. A steady hand and a rich imagination are pre-requisites.

Click here to download Cinemagram - Free



Adding a remote trigger to a camera can be expensive; getting a remote trigger that reacts to sound or movement adds even more to the cost. The superb TriggerTrap allows you to fire either your phone’s internal camera or, via an external cable, a wide range of DSLRs. The software supports various external stimuli such as sound and movement, or can simply be used as an external cable release. There are also a variety of timelapse modes, resulting in no end of creative possibilities.

Click here to download Triggertrap - from free



It’s been available for iOS devices for some time now. It’s a fantastic app that can help you automate all sorts of tasks. Want to turn the ringer off at a set time in the evening and back on again in the morning?

IFTTT’s “recipes” can do that. Want to text your wife whenever you leave the office, or log every phone call you receive in a spreadsheet? This app can do that, too. We’d like to have seen a quicker response – there can be a lag between events occuring and actions being triggered – and the location-based events didn’t seem particularly reliable. However, there’s enough potential for us to persevere; it’s free, after all.

IFTTT - Free

Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Lightroom Mobile is a companion to the desktop version of Adobe Lightroom. It lets you use the iPad to organise your photos, and to apply visual adjustments so as to present them at their best.

It isn’t intended for use as a standalone app, however. It’s possible to import JPEGs directly from the iOS
Camera Roll, but to make the most of Lightroom Mobile, the recommended workflow is to import your images into Lightroom on the desktop, then generate Smart Previews and sync these over to the iPad for organisation and processing. It’s an approach that makes sense given the limited power and storage of the iPad, but if you were hoping to take your tablet on a shoot and leave your laptop behind, you may be disappointed.

It’s also worth noting that Lightroom Mobile uses the Creative Cloud framework to synchronise information between the iPad and the desktop app – it can’t be used with the standalone edition of Lightroom.

For those who have bought into Adobe’s subscription model, Lightroom Mobile has benefits. It’s certainly more comfortable to flag and reject images with breezy gesture controls than fiddly icons or keyboard shortcuts, and it’s nice to be able to fix the white balance and exposure there and then. You can also crop the image and apply adjustment presets, although more advanced edits, such as local adjustments, aren’t currently available.

Ultimately, however, Lightroom Mobile is a limited tool. This may be the best that can be achieved with the hardware available, but it’s a disappointment all the same – and restricting its usefulness to a subset of customers won’t make Adobe any friends either.

Adobe Lightroom - Free; requires Creative Cloud subscription



DailySpank is far less salacious than it sounds. It is, in fact, an iPhone photography competition, in which you’re encouraged to submit photos on the theme of the day. Recent examples include "take a photo of something exotic", "take a photo of what’s on your shelf", and "take a photo of something you’re wearing".

The photos with the most votes – or Spanks – rise to the top; the standard isn’t as intimidating as sites such as 500px or Flickr; and there’s an active, friendly community of commenters on hand to offer encouragement. It’s a bizarre but strangely compelling daily diversion.

Click here to download DailySpank - free

Best iPhone and iPad apps 2014: games



Another word game with a difference, W.E.L.D.E.R. plunges you into an industrial nightmare from which you can only emerge by “welding” words from a grid of letters. The unique feature here is that make words by swapping adjacent letters in the grid until they sit in the correct order – and you have a limited number of swaps available to do so. You get more swaps by hitting points targets, and progress to the next level by forming enough four-letter words. Plus, you can look up every word you form in the built-in dictionary, which makes it educational too.

Click here to download W.E.L.D.E.R. - £1.99



Valve’s digital distribution platform, Steam, still calls the PC its home, but its app is a slick and versatile companion. It’s got many of the features PC users are used to in a similar interface, and the full catalogue of games can be purchased via the device – they’ll be downloaded to your PC when you next start Steam. The app will let you browse your friends list, see who’s playing what, and chat to your friends, no matter what device they’re using. Pretty much the only thing the app doesn’t do is let you play the games themselves.

Click here to download Steam Mobile - Free

Fantasy Premier League

Fantasy Premier League

Considering it has 2.4 million players, it’s amazing it’s taken until very recently for the Premier League to officially support its fantasy competition with an app. It’s nothing hugely innovative but it does what needs doing: you can change your team right up to the deadline, make transfers and check your points live, which is all us budding Mourinhos have wanted all along. Use in conjunction with the Sky Sports Match Centre for aperfect Saturday.

Click here to download Fantasy Premier League 2012/13 - £1.49

Nimble Quest

Nimble Quest

A halfway house between Snake and Gauntlet, Nimble Quest is another of those 8-bit parodies for the iPhone, but it’s a dangerously addictive one. Your task is to guide a "conga line" of mini-warriors around various stages, attempting to avoid collisions with a variety of harmful critters and making sure you don’t run into the walls.

Each of your little fighters has different weapons and skills, and it takes some time to work out how to best deploy these against the various foes that cross your path.

While the game itself is free, you’ll need to pay £1.49 to open the online arena section of the game, which you can only access after completing at least four levels of the game. It aggressively pushes in-app purchases for weapons and warrior upgrades too, so be careful if you’re handing this one to the kids.

Click here to download Nimble Quest - Free

Year Walk

Year Walk

Year Walk is about as atmospheric as smartphone gaming gets. This wonderfully evocative first-person adventure sees you trampling through a gothic woodland, attempting to solve puzzles and foresee the future on your "year walk". The graphics are immaculate, but it’s the eerie soundtrack that makes this game; from the crunching snow underfoot, to the haunting woodland sounds that provide subtle audio clues as to where to head next (headphones are essential). The puzzles are infuriatingly difficult – we had to consult a walkthrough guide just to get far enough through the game to review it – but once you get into the game’s mindset it becomes a little easier. A free companion app provides a potted history of year walking, but whatever you do, don’t hand this one to the kids – you’ll be paying off the psychologist bills for decades.

Click here to download Year Walk - £2.49



Letterpress is an addictive hybrid of Boggle and Othello, demanding that users form words from a 5x5 grid of letters while retaining dominance of the board. Like the classic board game, Letterpress initially appears to be insultingly simple, but actually requires first-class wordsmithery and a decent appreciation of the game’s tactics to prevail (our advice: guard corners jealously). It’s an online multiplayer game, so there’s no chance to while away five minutes while you’re on the Tube, and the lack of any kind of statistic-gathering grates, but it’s a genuinely innovative addition to an oversaturated genre.

Click here to download Letterpress - free (£1.99 in-app purchase to play multiple games simultaneously)

Tiny Wings

Tiny Wings

This addictive one-button flier has been stealing spare minutes since early 2011, but – in a rare display of app altruism – its designer Andreas Illiger released an update this July that’s not far off a full sequel. It added missions in which you race against three other birds, and added new gameplay elements, bringing the addiction back in force.

Click here to download Tiny Wings - From 69p



Like an updated version of a classic TV game show, SongPop lets you pit your musical knowledge against your online friends. Pick a playlist such as “80s Collection”, “Classic Rock” or “Love Songs”, then listen closely to musical snippets and race to identify the artist or titles as quickly as possible. Winning earns you coins that let you unlock more esoteric playlists, from jazz to industrial, Bollywood, TV themes and even national anthems. Yes, it’s another of those Facebook-centric social games whose immense popularity can be seen every day clogging up your news feed.

Click here to download SongPop - From free



We know what you’re thinking – not another word game – but SpellTower manages to eke something new from the old formula. In Puzzle Mode your towers are shunted upwards by a new line with every word you eliminate, inching towards doom at the top of the screen. With scattered dead tiles and numbered ones that demand words of a certain length, in no time you’ve lost control of your peak, salvation blocked off by a rogue Q with no U, or an extra-long P. It’s tense, tactical and very moreish, and that’s before you even get onto the hellish timed mode.

Click here to download SpellTower - £1.49

Best iPhone and iPad apps 2014: Social



A more high-brow alternative to Pinterest, ArtStack lets you share works of art that have caught your eye with the wider world. Submissions range from sculptures to paintings to photography, and it largely seems to be used as means of showcasing upcoming talents, rather than another means of browsing through Monet’s portfolio. The app encourages you to take photos of artworks using your iPhone camera – which could land you in strife with gallery security guards, and isn’t exactly the ideal means of preserving the quality of fine art – but most people seem to source images of the artwork from the web before uploading.

Click here to download ArtStack - free



Twitter clients are something of a personal preference, but there’s one that wins near-universal from the iOS users of PC Pro. Tweetbot doesn’t do anything hugely novel – these days, few Twitter clients do – but it does make the basic experience as smooth, stylish and painless as any we’ve used. It can turn your Twitter lists into multiple timelines, it syncs your reading position across devices, and it’s all navigated with intuitive gestures, keeping the menus and icons that blight many clients to a bare minimum. We also like the cartoonishly sinister company logo.

Click here to download Tweetbot - £1.99



Don’t laugh – we know not a lot of people are using it, but if you do happen to be on Google+ you’re in luck, as its app is the nicest of the main social networks. The layout is heavily image-led, giving it a more modern feel than Facebook – more akin to something like Pinterest, or a photo-sharing app – and its Hangouts work neatly with your phone or tablet’s camera. If you’re not yet on Google+, or if you are and haven’t logged in for a while, try the app – it might just convert you.

Click here to download Google+ - Free

Best iPhone and iPad apps 2014: music

vjay for iPhone

vjay for iPhone

A sister app to the popular djay, vjay – as those with an IQ higher than their shoe size may have already worked out – allows you to mix together video footage on your iPhone. This can be done using a combination of pre-loaded commercial videos/music stored on your iPhone, videos you’ve recorded yourself, and pre-prepared footage provided within the app. The app includes a smattering of smart-looking special effects, allowing you to transition from one clip to another using two sides of a cube, for example, and there’s advanced tools such as automatic beat- and tempo-matching for those who don’t have the requisite timing. Beware that any exported videos containing commercial video/music tracks are likely to be booted off YouTube for copyright infringement, and that this app devours the iPhone battery.

Click here to download vjay for iPhone - £1.99

Best iPhone and iPad apps 2014: weather

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather

There are so many weather apps for the iPhone that the season would change before you’ve tried them all, but there are few more elegantly presented than Yahoo Weather. The app makes good use of the Yahoo-owned Flickr photo library to provide beautiful backdrops of the city in question – although that rather depends on whether you live in a town big enough to be on Flickr’s radar. The backdrop for our editor’s home town of Burgess Hill showed crashing waves lapping at the shore, even though it’s a good ten miles from the coast.

The Flickr wallpaper isn’t the only neat touch. Animated wind turbines that whizz faster in stormy conditions, live satellite imagery of your location, a graphical five-day forecast, and a swooshing infographic that reveals sunrise/sunset times and the name of the moon phase, all add up to an app that blows Michael Fish and chums out of the water.
Click here to download Yahoo Weather - free

Partly Cloudy

Partly Cloudy

It takes something quite special to stand out from the throng of identikit weather apps, and Partly Cloudy’s clever artistic visualisations are exactly that. Its clock face design seems minimalist, but you quickly its genius lies in its simplicity. The strip around the edge represents the temperature and the blue blobs in the middle mean rain; for more precise figures just swing the arm around to any hour. With 12-hour, 24-hour and seven-day views, and the ability to show any location in the world, it will become your go-to weather app primarily because it gives a full forecast for the day in a single momentary glance.

Click here to download Partly Cloudy - £1.49

Best iPhone and iPad apps 2014: fitness



Whether you’re a reluctant runner or an adrenaline junkie, Strava turns your phone into fully-fledged sports computer. You can record bike rides or runs, with distance covered, speed and estimate calorie consumption, and the results are automatically uploaded to your own personal account and plotted on Google Maps. As a training tool, it’s invaluable, and makes it possible to track your performance over time. With the ability to compete against other users’ timed segments on disciplines ranging from cross-country running to downhill mountain-biking and even the daily cycle commute, Strava is as addictive as exercise apps get.

Click here to download Strava - Free



MyFitnessPal is a comprehensive fitness app with extensive third-party app and device integration. If you are looking for an all in one diet and fitness app MyFitnessPal is for you.

MyFitnessPal integrates with Fitbit and Jawbone Up devices and relays data between the app, the devices, and the respective third-party apps. It also includes an extensive list of UK foods - something that is sadly lacking in many other apps.

Users can set goals including weight loss (or gain), weekly exercise levels, daily calorie intake, and even how you want to divide up your nutrient intake.

It also has social features, including the ability to add friends from Facebook, your device contacts or by email.

All in all a great fitness app.

MyFitnessPal - Free

Best iPhone and iPad apps 2014: travel



Next time you stumble out of a nightclub at 2am, don’t stand on a street corner waiting for a cab to pass; whip out your phone, open up Hailo, and order one. It’s that simple. Using your phone’s GPS, all nearby black cabs receive your request, and you’ll be sent details of the first driver that accepts with an estimated time of arrival. Best of all, you can pay by card and Hailo will handle it. It’s London-only in the UK for now, but also works in several other big cities worldwide.

Click here to download Hailo - Free



“TripIt drags traveling kicking and screaming into the 21st Century,” states the website, and we have to agree. Whenever you book a flight, hotel, rental car, restaurant or even a concert online, just forward the confirmation email to TripIt (or if you’re on Gmail you can set it up to auto-import, which is like black magic), and the full itinerary is compiled in your TripIt account. Even if you book everything separately, TripIt aggregates the details in the correct date and time order, and stores it across pretty much any device you own. If that sounds great, for an annual fee TripIt Pro can also alert you to delays and gate changes, point you to cheaper flights and track your frequent flier points.

Click here to download TripIt - Free



£50 is unquestionably a lot of money for an app, but when the app in question can make an appreciable difference to virtually every car journey you make, with associated benefits in terms of fuel consumption it’s hard to argue. The TomTom iPhone app received a rare five-star rating when we reviewed it in July because of its superb route finding and excellent – if pricey as a £27 extra – HD Traffic feature, and it’s now finally made its way to Android. We wouldn’t rule out CoPilot either, but TomTom gets our vote.

Click here to download TomTom U.K. & Ireland - £50

Author: PC Pro Staff

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PC Pro gone???

Has someone router the PCPro domain to applepro as a joke?

By kingct on 27 Dec 2012

PC Pro really should find another home for its Apple fanboy authors... Really am getting fed up of seeing Apple and products unshamingly plugged and promoted - not matter what their shortcomings.

Apple could release a iTurd and PC Pro would still A-List it.

By kingct on 27 Dec 2012

Wonderful Apps

Thanks for sharing this wonderful apps. Among many of them I have used certain and really enjoyed a lot. I would like to recommend you all one more App that is Hands Game. Its a nice iPhone & iPad app. Harry Hands is the star of his soccer team. Help him to get to the stadium before he misses the important match!
This app is absolutely for FREE...!!!

To download this app you can click the link given below..

By handsgame on 7 Jan 2013

Good article

For the people moaning? Why are you opening the article if you don't care about it. There are plenty of articles that aren't about Apple. In fact I believe that Microsoft articles outnumber Apple ones by many times. I have no urge to read about the Nokia Lumia 620 so I used my brain and didn't click on the link, not opened it and then moaned that they didn't warn me I wouldn't be interested. Get a grip

By TimoGunt on 28 Feb 2013

Only the best apps

Guys I have been going to to find apps... their selection is not too big but they relaly only have stuff that works for iphone and web based too

By MichaelaHerz on 30 Mar 2013

Swift Shopper Best Free App I Use

Checkout This app works in any store (today) with a handheld scanner.
Checkout in seconds.
With Swift Shopper scan all your items into your phone as you put them into your cart. Checkout with your smartphone and scan the barcodes right off the screen! No need to take any items out of your cart, just hand the cashier your cell phone and a few swipes of the screen later you're checked out!

By LivingtheDream1288 on 17 Apr 2013

The iTurd...

The only Apple app designed to run on Windows 8. The iTurd, making your Start screen looker even sh!11er than it is!

By BliksemPiet on 22 Apr 2013

At last a App Game of addictive simplicity

So many games for these devices are long and over complicated. I want just simple games that you can play for a few minutes to relax during a busy day. Joker Shuffle 2 is just such a game and its so simple and addictive. Highly Recommend.

By prosonman on 22 Apr 2013


I still think this is one of the best apps available on any platform, including the iPhone

By Chatan on 23 Apr 2013

Location Fix for Google Latitude

Coolest navigation app for iphone.. love it

By udihamudi on 9 May 2013 & Voice Appeal is really cool. Great for discovering new bands and easy to use.
Also came across this fun little app :
Voice Appeal

totally free and unlike similar apps that pretend to analyse the voice this one seems to be doing be based on some sort of analysis...

By clopinclopan on 18 May 2013

10 iPhones that you cant miss

great post man
also check out 10 iPhones that you cant miss

By technostop on 5 Jun 2013

There are plenty of articles that aren't about Apple

Fewer and fewer it seems.

Maybe there's less PC related stuff about these days so PC Pro have to include articles about phones and cameras. Maybe a name change is in order?

By Alfresco on 6 Nov 2013

5 minutes of my life I'll never get back!

It takes 8 clicks and a load of scrolling to realise how extremely useless this list is.
I don't know why everbody is moaning about PCpro be an apple fanboi, if this the best the iPhone has to offer I'll never be inclined to buy one.

By milliganp on 6 Nov 2013

paysafecard app

I think the paysafecard app is one of the most brilliant apps of the year - super helpful for gamers and all users of the card! Really something to check out if you havent already!

By seepro on 8 Nov 2013

All your links are broken

The tradedoubler links you're using to link to iTunes are all broken. May be a better idea to link directly instead>

By JuliaLewis on 12 Nov 2013


Pretty neat free service. Can trigger your alarm by just pulling the headphone jack out.

By ProApps on 20 Nov 2013

Best apps for iOS Android & WP8

YOLO!! Guys you gotta check out the best and the latest apps for iOS, Android and WP8!!

By newandroidfan on 5 Dec 2013

Flipsquare is the Best game in the world!!!!

I totally love this game because you can technically play it anywhere, whether it be 1 minute or an hour. Makes you smart too.

By er25682 on 6 Dec 2013

Interesting list

Interesting list, thank you for sharing. Meetings app should be on the list.

By ninaparker on 19 Feb 2014

Best apps

Good list, i liked Over, also another cool app for photos is pixies fun with photos, its fun and we always use it in the office for pranks

By zackrobinson on 26 Feb 2014

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