The PC Pro games reviewer who became a household name


Read the game review from the first issue of PC Pro that was written by one of the country's top humourists

If we're being brutally frank, not many of the writers who contributed to the first issue of PC Pro back in 1994 have gone on to be household names.

David McCandless (Macca to his colleagues) has enjoyed minor fame as an author and TED speaker, and a host of others have gone on to enjoy successful, if not particularly high-profile, tech careers.

However, there's one name in PC Pro issue 1 that many of you will recognise: one Charlton Brooker. Charlie, as he's better known to viewers of Screenwipe and readers of his Guardian column, started his career writing games reviews for our sister-title PC Zone.

In fact, in 1998, his cartoon pastiche of the Tomb Raider games, which (according to Wikipedia) included Photoshopped pictures of "children smashing the skulls of monkeys with hammers, jumping on a badger with a pitchfork, and chainsawing an orang-utan", forced the magazine to be pulled from the shelves.

His earlier PC Pro review of the Star Wars game, Tie Fighter, was less inflammatory. Indeed, if we're being honest, it's a little on the dry side.

Perhaps the editor of the day battered his trademark brutal humour out of the piece; perhaps Charlie was still forming his acerbic style.

Either way, he's our claim to fame, and we're sticking to it.

If you cannot see the embedded article below click here to read Charlie Brooker's review

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