PC Pro Excellence Awards 2012: the full results

PC Pro Excellence Awards 2012

Find out who won the award for best broadband, laptops, tablets, and much more, in the 2012 PC Pro Excellence Awards

When spending hundreds or thousands of pounds on IT equipment, you want to trust the companies from which you're buying.

The PC Pro Excellence Awards give the firmest possible indication of which deserve your custom.

More than 11,000 readers voted in this year’s survey. Each of our 20 awards are 100% reader voted – nobody buys their way onto a shortlist or is excused if they finish bottom.

The result is a body of experience and opinion you can trust when you next buy a laptop, tablet or digital camera.

How to use these results

Below you'll find listings for each of our 16 award categories and our four products of the year.

Each of the main 16 categories have an interactive results table on their individual pages. These allow you to sort the awards according to your own criteria. So, for example, if you're primarily interested in finding a broadband ISP that offers the greatest reliability, simply click at the top of the Reliability score column, choose Sort Descending, and the table will be re-ordered with the most reliable ISP listed at the top.

You can also click the Excel icon at the foot of each table to download a copy of the results table for future reference.

Excellence award categories

3G data


Desktop PCs

Digital cameras

Graphics cards

Inkjet printers


Laser printers




Online retailers




Web hosts

Wireless routers


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