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White paper: Everything you need to know about implementing Hyper-V

Posted on 7 Jul 2011 at 11:51

Aidan Finn provides a step-by-step guide to server virtualisation, including the next steps to take if you decide it’s right for your business

This white paper introduces the concept of server virtualisation using Microsoft’s Hyper-V. It describes how the features of Hyper-V server virtualisation will:

  • Reduce the need for an ever-expanding physical server infrastructure, and the costs that come with it

  • Preserve the performance of business-critical services

  • Improve the reliability of backup and recovery

  • Simplify disaster recovery planning and invocation

Most importantly of all, the white paper will look at how Hyper-V can assist the IT department with looking after that piece of IT the business really cares about: the applications or services that enable core business operations and provide decision-making information.

Author: Aidan Finn

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