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The 73 best iPhone apps

Posted on 20 Apr 2010 at 16:44

Fill your iPhone with brilliant free and paid-for apps, with our pick of the App Store

With more than 150,000 apps to choose from, it's far from easy to decide which iPhone apps are worth downloading onto your handset, let alone which are worth paying for.

That's why the PC Pro team has been busy downloading to bring you our definitive countdown of the top 73 iPhone apps.

(Note: application prices and availability are subject to change)

1. AUDIOBOO (free)

Describing itself as “the iPhone audioblogging app”, AudioBoo is literally priceless for those wanting to add a quick interview or audio clip to their website. Hit the record button to capture the audio on your handset, save the clip, add a photo and description, and AudioBoo automatically tags your location. Short clips are uploaded in seconds, and can then be listened to via the Audioboo website or embedded into your blog or site with a small piece of pre-prepared HTML.

2. THE GUARDIAN (£2.39)

The ever-innovative Guardian sets the blueprint for newspaper mobile apps. Every story is comprehensively tagged, allowing readers to quickly access articles from their favourite columnists (Charlie Brooker, Jack Schofield) or subjects (Tottenham Hotspur, Motoring). Articles are beautifully presented, and the app also provides access to The Guardian’s eclectic range of podcasts and the option to download articles for offline reading. It’s so good, we’ve stopped buying the paper.

3. AROUNDME (Free)

AroundMe puts the GPS radio inside your phone to spectacularly good use, helping you to find everything from cash points to cardiac wards in the local vicinity. The app has 18 pre-selected categories, and don’t be put off by the Americanisms: searching for “gas stations” will still point you towards the nearest BP station. It also accepts free text searches: ask for “sports shops”, for instance, and it will hunt down the local Nike stores, Foot Locker and even non-specialist retailers such as Argos. Results are presented as a list (nearest result first) or as pins on a Google Map, allowing you to gauge exactly how far you’ll have to travel to find what you’re looking for.

4. ORBITAL (£1.19)

This game is so horrifically addictive, we’re surprised there hasn’t been a campaign in the Daily Express to have it banned. The intelligent brother of Bust-a-Move, the idea of Orbital is to make spheres disappear by repeatedly bashing them with other spheres fired from a gun at the foot of the screen. So much easier to play than explain, head over to the Orbital website for a free browser-based demo, and make sure you check out the Supernova mode when you download it on your iPhone.


Despite strong competition from Twitterrific and TweetDeck, Echofon is our iPhone Twitter client of choice. It’s both lightweight and responsive, with support for advanced features such as the recently implemented Twitter lists, geotagging and the option to quickly tweet photos stored on your handset. The only big omission is the option to juggle multiple Twitter accounts (TweetDeck’s your man for this).

6. MOBYKO (Free)

Transferring contacts from one phone to another is a pig, especially if you’re moving from one OS to another. Mobyko makes it deliciously simple: upload the contacts from your old phone to the firm’s servers, and then download them to your new handset. The iPhone app adds a veneer of elegance to an already straightforward process, but most other phones are supported via the Mobyko website.

7. FLICKR (Free)

The Flickr iPhone app is a masterclass in design, with slideshows of your contacts’ photos panning across the screen the moment you fire up the app. There are options to catch up with recent activity on your account, view your contacts’ photostreams, and upload images snapped on the smartphone’s camera – although it lacks the serendipitous “Explore” feature of the full website. The BlackBerry software is limited, focusing solely on uploads.



This isn’t the only remote mouse available, but it has Logitech’s name and support to give it credence. Download and install the corresponding PC software, enter the computer’s IP address into the app, and in an instant you’ll be whizzing the cursor around your media centre’s screen using your iPhone as a touchpad, complete with three mouse buttons. It also doubles as a keyboard, saving money on extra hardware.

9. SPOTIFY MOBILE (Free - Spotify subscription required)

If avoiding the irritating ads isn’t enough to tempt you to pay £10 per month for a Spotify subscription on your PC, accessing its vast library of music on your mobile could well be. Spotify Mobile streams music over 3G or Wi-Fi, and there’s also the option to store playlists locally for when reception falters – although these have to be re-synched every once in a while. But that’s a small inconvenience for having access to practically any song you can think of wherever you are.

10. TUBEMAP (Free)

Given that London’s Tube trains remain as dependable as Tiger Woods, a little iPhone assistance can go a long way. Live line updates help you avoid arriving at a station only to find it’s shut, but if you do, the scrolling map and journey planner will let you find an alternative route. Coupled with Google Maps, it’s certainly a gift for harassed commuters.

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User comments

I would replace tubemap with Tube Deluxe. It has the map, the status of each line with push notifications, the departure boards info and journey planner. All for 59p

By james016 on 22 Apr 2010

Some great apps, but some really poor ones

There are some great apps. Ebay is a favourite. But there are some pretty useless ones.

Without multi tasking, it really limits the use of these apps. Shame next OS (4?) will not be supported by iPHone 3g.

By SmartIT on 22 Apr 2010

Mobyko isn't free?

The iPhone app may be free, but the service costs £24.99 to use, a bit pricey just to get your contacts transferred from one phone to another....

By hickeypa1 on 23 Apr 2010


This is the second time you have recommended the £4.99 national rail enquiries app. Why? Thetrainline app is free and also contains features such as next train home and a full journey planner. I also know for a fact that thetrainline utilises the information feed from national rail enquiries so that won't be different either.

By ralphuk100 on 23 Apr 2010

Thanks for the comments

To answer a couple of your queries:

Mobyko was free when we tested the service at the time of review. We'll check exactly what the situation is with its fees.

The TrainLine doesn't have live departure times. It's next train home feeds are based on timetable data, so it's not as effective as National Rail. That said, we're not exactly delighted that you have to pay £5 for what we think should be free data for commuters.

Barry Collins
Online Editor

By Barry_Collins on 23 Apr 2010


I found the article in the magazine very useful and it gave me some great ideas for apps to add to my new Desire.
However there are quite a few Iphone apps recommended which don't appear in the android list, but which are available for android, Audioboo for instance, so it all winds up feeling a bit haphazard.
Anyhow thanks for the article, I'd like to see a regular slot in the magazine recommending any new gems which appear.

By roadshowuk on 24 Apr 2010

I own an iPhone first and foremost so I'm not biased in this respect but is there any real reason why you name 73 apps for the iPhone and only 30 odd for the android? I know there are more apps for the iPhone but I still think it looks like you're promoting the iPhone above the Android and I quite like the fact that you haven't got wrapped up in the We Love Apple brigade like two high profile gadget magazines I could mention. I mean why 73 anyway? Is that like the maximum number of apps that you could find useful? where did that number come from? Did you not try and match the same number of apps for the Android or were there simply not 73 Android apps that you like?

By TimoGunt on 28 Apr 2010

74. GOOD HOTEL GUIDE (£2.99)

This one is missing... I found the GHG app very useful indeed. Last week, when on a trip to Derbyshire, I used the feature 'find hotel near me' and here it was, a really nice hotel, in a close proximity. The same hotel has offered a discount when I mentioned the GHG when booking. Fully recommend this application.

By helga on 18 Jun 2010

75. FaceMix 2.0

Ever wondered how your eyes would fit in your friends' face? With FaceMix you can try this out. FaceMix lets you use your pictures from your photo library or take new pictures. The faces are split into six parts and shuffled to form a completely new face, that you have to remember and rebuild. You can also just shuffle or mix face features.
Watch the demo on youtube.

By dev2art on 24 Jun 2010


I use Guzzle every day as a press review, very good app! Should definitely check it out!

By JanelleD on 12 Jul 2010

This Day In Music

This new app is a must have for any music fan! Aside from the digital diary detailing what happened in musical history on any day of the year it has a quiz and a tool to tell you the number one song on your birthday!

check it out here...

By musicapps on 12 Aug 2010

the comments for MacUser app suggests it shouldn't have featured in the top 70. Most seem to claim it is awful

By TimoGunt on 30 Aug 2010

Live2support iPhone App

Live2support launched live chat software for iPhone users.

Live2Support's iPhone mobile app now makes it possible for a single chat operator to handle multiple chat requests concurrently while rendering live chat service over an iPhone. Chat operators can toggle between more than one operator chat window and engage in live chat with online customers without having to invoke a chat queue thereby significantly enhancing the user experience in the mobile space.

By Samjackson on 22 Nov 2010

Xmas PhotoBooth by AppCore (0.99$)

PhotoBooth is an entertaining application which you can use to apply hundreds of special effects on your portrait photo and obtain crazy pictures. You can also add text effects and speech bubbles and you can tag your photos, add dates or memos or just add funny speech bubbles, transforming your photos in one of the funniest photo albums. All you have to do is load a photo from your phone’s library and play with the special effects.
Application features include the following:
- Christmas Effects
- Speech Bubbles
- Evil Elf Effects
- Animal Effects
- Funny Faces Effects
- Clown Effects
- Zombie Effects
- Pirate Effects
- Crazy Looks Effects
- Horror Effects
- Style Effects (Glasses, Sunglasses, Hats, etc.)
- Venetian Effects (Venetian Mask, Feather Masks, etc.)
- Violent Effects (Bruises, Scars, Cuts)
- Body Effects (Mustaches, Beards, Eyes Mouths, Tattoos and Piercings)
You can add and delete the layers very easily, resize the special effects to fit perfectly and rotate the effects to the right angle so that your photo will be as real as possible. You can add as many effects as you want.
You can get it here:
06159121?mt=8 .
AppCore develops software for mobile devices. This includes iPhone and iPad applications. The AppCore team mostly focuses on fun games or useful applications that fit into the next generation mobile lifestyle. AppCore’s applications are available in AppStore and many of them were really appreciated by the iTunes crew as well as by the users who downloaded them, having a lot of notable good reviews. AppCore develops applications covering sections as Books, Healthcare & Fitness, Sports, Medical, Lifestyle, Education, Utilities, Games, Entertainment, Travel, summing over 160 great apps for iPhone and iPad. The ones using iPad’s platform focus mostly on games and entertaining while the ones for iPhone have an informational utility as well as an enetrtaining one.
More info on AppCore’s creations you can find on the presentation site at or directly at AppStore
923 .

By Rada_AppCoreMedia on 4 Mar 2011

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