• Intel pushes into smart home technology at CES 2015

    Jane McCallion
    7 Jan 2015

    Hardware maker bets on intelligent devices and 3D visuals at CES 2015

  • HTC Desire Eye

    HTC shows off Desire Eye selfie phone and periscope-like camera

    Jane McCallion
    9 Oct 2014

    HD front-facing camera will produce better selfies, claims HTC

  • SanDisk 512GB SD card

    SanDisk lets you pop half-terabyte card in your camera

    Barry Collins
    12 Sep 2014

    World's highest capacity SD card offers 512GB of storage

  • Samsung SMART NX30

    Samsung NX30 review

    Nik Rawlinson
    27 Feb 2014

    Image quality, features and design make this a tempting – and viable – alternative to a semi-pro DSLR

  • Canon PowerShot G16

    Canon PowerShot G16 review

    Jonathan Bray
    5 Nov 2013

    A fantastic compact camera with great image quality and nippy performance

  • Sony Cybershot DSC-QX10

    Sony Cybershot DSC-QX10 review

    Barry Collins
    7 Oct 2013

    A bold experiment to improve smartphone photography, but its failings are manifold

  • Pentax K-500

    Pentax K-500 review

    Barry Collins
    4 Oct 2013

    The K-500 offers an amazing set of features for the price, but falls disappointingly short on some of the basics

  • Canon EOS 70D

    Canon EOS 70D review

    Barry Collins
    3 Sep 2013

    A stunningly fast new autofocus system makes the 70D a seriously tempting DSLR

  • Samsung Galaxy NX

    Samsung Galaxy NX review

    Nik Rawlinson
    26 Aug 2013

    Melding superb image quality with impressive versatility, Samsung’s Android-powered Galaxy NX is a stunning – if expensive – enthusiast camera

  • Autographer - front

    Autographer review

    Nicole Kobie
    1 Aug 2013

    The low-quality images and high price of this life-logging camera undermines an otherwise clever concept

  • Fujifilm X100S

    Fujifilm X100S review

    Ben Pitt
    24 Jul 2013

    A luxurious camera with the features and quality to back up its premium design and price

  • Nikon D7100

    Nikon D7100 review

    Ben Pitt
    20 Jul 2013

    A superbly conceived DSLR with very few weaknesses – an ideal choice for enthusiasts

  • Lytro

    Lytro review

    Jonathan Bray
    16 Jul 2013

    An exciting demonstration of what light-field sensor tech can do, but we don't recommend you buy one

  • The first Samsung Galaxy Camera

    Mirrorless Samsung Galaxy Camera expected next week

    Shona Ghosh
    13 Jun 2013

    Samsung's CEO confirms new mirrorless follow-up to the Galaxy Camera running on Android

  • Canon EOS 700D

    Canon EOS 700D review

    Barry Collins
    7 Jun 2013

    The most trivial of updates from last year’s 650D, but an improved kit lens reaffirms Canon’s dominance of the consumer DSLR market

  • Nikon D5200

    Nikon D5200 review

    Jonathan Bray
    31 May 2013

    A cracking camera with superb image quality and a brilliant autofocus. A number of small faults prevent it from topping our A-List, however

  • Canon EOS 100D

    Canon EOS 100D review

    Barry Collins
    10 May 2013

    Canon makes few serious sacrifices to deliver the most compact and lightweight DSLR yet

  • Samsung NX300

    Samsung NX300 review

    Nik Rawlinson
    19 Apr 2013

    A little bulky, but feature-packed and with dependable image quality, the NX300 has plenty to offer enthusiasts and beginners alike

  • eos 100D

    Canon EOS 100D is world's smallest DSLR

    Stewart Mitchell
    21 Mar 2013

    Canon EOS 100D is targeted at people moving up from compact cameras, while 700D focuses on high-end hobbyists

  • Canon EOS M

    Canon EOS M review

    Barry Collins
    15 Feb 2013

    Image quality as strong as you’ll find from a DSLR, but dithering autofocus and awkward ergonomics spoil the venture