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Live blog: running PC Pro on Ubuntu

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

white blank book brochureTo mark the Complete Guide to Ubuntu feature in the new issue of PC Pro – on sale today – we’re attempting to run our magazine and website on Ubuntu 10.10 for one day only.

Every website story and review we write, every email we send, every picture we edit will be completed on a PC running the popular Linux OS. Click here for full details of the challenge.

We’ll be updating this blog throughout the day with our experiences – good and bad – of running our office on Ubuntu. You can also follow our updates on the PC Pro Twitter account, using the #ubuntupro hashtag.


Why I prefer Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition to the iPad

Monday, October 18th, 2010

iPadIf you’ve been following my Twitter feed, I must apologise for my rather uncouth language the other week. I was trying to get something done using an iPad (specifically, testing the Parallels Desktop 6 remote access app), and was finding the whole process intensely frustrating.

I should admit that I come to the iPad pre-irritated by Apple’s attempts to swaddle the thing in a wholly unearned sense of awe. A “magical, revolutionary device”? Please: the telephone was a revolutionary device. It’s like when some 20-year old would-be Apprentice declares “I am the best manager you’ll ever meet”: I want to smack him twice, once for the arrogance and again for the delusion.

And once I started actually trying to use the iPad, I hit practical irritations too. I couldn’t find the download I wanted on the website (all such links being sequestered away in the App Store); I really couldn’t get on with the keyboard; and, now I’m used to Android with its “back” and “search” buttons, I felt lost in the OS and its apps, scared to press a button for fear of never finding my way back. (more…)

How to upgrade in-place to Ubuntu 10.10

Monday, October 11th, 2010

If, like me, you fired up Ubuntu 10.04 this morning, and was disappointed to find that the operating system’s Update Manager wasn’t offering you the upgrade to the newly released Ubuntu 10.10, here’s why.

You have to make a wee change to your settings before Ubuntu will offer you the six-monthly releases.

Go to System | Administration | Update Manager and then click the Settings button at the bottom of the window. Enter your password and click the Updates tab. In the Release upgrade drop-down at the foot of the window, select Normal releases.

Update manager

Close the menu and re-open the Update Manager and you should be presented with the option to download Ubuntu 10.10.






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