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Twitter, please don’t fiddle with my feed

Friday, October 17th, 2014


Twitter is going to start displaying tweets in your feed of people you don’t follow, because it thinks you want them. Just to be clear, Twitter: I don’t, and neither do the majority of your users.

Twitter has been testing out the idea over the past couple of months — you may have noticed tweets in your timeline from people you don’t follow, and wondered what was going on — and now the idea is being rolled out to everyone’s feed.


Sorry, Stan Collymore, you can’t beat Twitter racists with an algorithm

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

Collymore BBC report

Twitter is, once again, taking a mauling in the mainstream media for failing to tackle abuse. I’ve just watched ex-footballer Stan Collymore on the BBC Breakfast sofa, describing how he received racist abuse and death threats for daring to suggest a Liverpool player dived for a penalty. Earlier this week, Olympic medallist Beth Tweddle took some appalling, misogynistic abuse in a live Twitter Q&A about women in sport. Twitter’s ability to amplify the opinions of the dregs of our society remains undiminished.

Twitter, Collymore and others argue, is not doing enough to tackle the abusers. I wholeheartedly agree. What I don’t agree with is Collymore’s assertion that tackling racist comments is a simple matter of tapping out a few lines of code:


Twitter for Android: how to stop unwanted alerts

Thursday, October 10th, 2013


The official Twitter app on my Android phone has started popping up a new sort of notification. Every so often, it’s taken to buzzing and vibrating to advise me that some people I know have started to follow someone I don’t know.

Clearly, it’s an attempt to get me to “engage” more with Twitter – as if I don’t enough already – and it’s not a wholly brainless approach. It stands to reason that if my friends like a certain Twitter feed then there’s a fair chance I might like it too.

I really don’t appreciate the intrusion, however. And based on the comments I’ve seen popping up on my own feed it looks like I’m not alone. I won’t be surprised if Twitter ends up backtracking in short order – but in the meantime, it looks like we’ll just have to live with the unwanted interruptions, or uninstall the Twitter app entirely.

That’s what it looks like; but in fact it is possible to disable these unwanted notifications. Here’s how.


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How much damage did Twitter really do to Lord McAlpine?

Friday, November 16th, 2012

Bercow tweet

Being wrongly accused of child abuse is about as serious as false accusations come. In my personal view, Lord McAlpine deserves each and every one of the hundred and eighty five thousand pounds he’s reportedly been paid in compensation by the BBC (even if the ones ultimately footing the bill are us, the licence fee payers).

However, now his lawyers are seeking further recompense from another source: Twitter users. His legal team is apparently intent on shutting down any “trial by Twitter”, and plans to take action against “lots of people” who parroted the false allegations made about McAlpine.

Which invites the question: precisely how much damage did Twitter do to McAlpine’s reputation?


TweetDeck 1.3 review: better, but not quite there yet

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

In December, the newly Twitter-owned TweetDeck client was thrust upon us, charmlessly sweeping away the old suite’s power and flexibility. It was such a backwards step that more than three months later, I’m still using the unsupported existing client.

This week, TweetDeck was updated to version 1.3, with the developers saying they’ve listened to feedback and made some much-needed improvements. While that may be true, when you start again from near zero as they have, it’s difficult to get back to where things were in a few months.

List management

You can now create lists from within the app, and every user now has an “Add or remove from lists” option on their profile. The lists themselves work fine, but the creation process is unnecessarily arduous. You have two options. If you spot a tweet from a user, you can use the “Add” option on their profile. But if you want to manually make a list in the first place, here’s the creation screen:



New TweetDeck: more mainstream, less flexible

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

The TweetDeck desktop client has seen a major overhaul, with a move away from Adobe Air and a whole new approach to accounts and feeds. It’s all very snazzy, with a blue theme and some very welcome touches: I’ve long loved Tweetlist’s highlighted usernames and links, so they’re very welcome here, and tweet boxes that scale dynamically to the length of the tweet are long overdue. That’s the positives covered.

On to the not-so-positives. The tweet box now pops up and steals the focus until you close it. A small change, you might think, but I regularly half-write tweets while I keep reading those of others, then react as I go. Sometimes I leave a tweet for ten minutes to decide whether it should really be sent (it usually shouldn’t). This prevents that, and it’s totally unnecessary. You also can’t send a tweet using Enter, and if you think you can go to Settings and change that, you can’t – it’s been pared back to the idiot-proof basics.

New Tweetdeck tweet


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Twitter sparks London riots – #yeahright

Monday, August 8th, 2011

sunriotsIf you believe newspapers like the Sun and Daily Mail, the rioting in London over the weekend was orchestrated and organised on Twitter, with the Mail, for example, claiming the “violence was fanned by Twitter as picture of burning police car was re-tweeted more than 100 times”.

Really? So what sparked the riots of three decades ago? A ZX Spectrum and a fleet of Raleigh Grifters?


Gatecrasher Google has clout to make friends

Friday, August 5th, 2011


Google+ has been gaining headlines this week over how quickly people have signed up for the social-networking strand of Google’s online empire.

Figures from web-traffic researcher ComScore suggest the service had reached 25 million users in just a month since launch – not bad for a project that remains in beta.


Just how popular is Google+?

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011


We keep getting told that Google+ is Facebook’s biggest threat, that it’s on the rise faster than a 1990s house price and the only way is up. We’re told it already has 10 million profiles – or is it 20 million?

But is Google+ really catching on? I mean really, as in outside this little tech industry bubble we love to confine ourselves to? (more…)

Google+: big companies can cause big problems

Monday, July 25th, 2011

GPlusIn its first three weeks of availability, Google+ reportedly attracted 20 million users. That’s a pretty impressive launch – especially since it’s been accompanied by what can only be described as a negative marketing campaign. Even as millions of users have poured onto the service, Google has insisted on calling it a “limited field trial”. At this rate, by the time they officially make it available to the public, everyone will already be on it.

Everyone, that is, except for Mr Matthew Brock of Swiss Cottage. I have it on good authority that the gentleman in question, an old friend of mine, is giving Google+ a miss. (more…)






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