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Microsoft Surface review: first look

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Microsoft Surface table

After the disappointment of the Windows 8 keynote, where very little was said that was either key or of note, Microsoft has struck back with a vengeance by delivering the Surface. And it is a staggeringly good device.

To explain this without making me sound like a Microsoft fanboi, I’ll dive into the kind of minutiae that PC Pro readers should appreciate.


Is Microsoft’s Surface Pro waiting on Intel?

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

SurfaceClockOne of the curious things about Microsoft’s Surface announcement is the release timetable. The Windows RT model is expected to arrive at the same time as Windows 8; but the Surface for Windows 8 Pro, running real desktop Windows, isn’t due until three months after that, which probably means after Christmas.

Is this delay a deliberate tactical move to give Metro a boost? After all, early Surface adopters will now have no choice but to buy into the RT ecosystem. But if that were the intention it would have made much more sense not to announce the Surface Pro (as I shall call it) at all. It makes no sense to show off the flagship Windows 8 device and then voluntarily hold it back so as to miss the biggest shopping season of the year.

It seems more likely that the Surface Pro simply isn’t going to be ready in time for the Windows 8 launch. But why not? It surely can’t be a software delay – by that time the OS will be officially compatible with millions of desktop and laptop configurations worldwide. And since Microsoft has already announced confidently that the Surface RT will be ready to launch alongside the OS, it clearly has manufacturing capacity in hand. So what exactly is causing the hold-up?


(Literally) hands-on with Microsoft Surface

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Microsoft Surface

On the back of news that Microsoft is to bring Surface to the UK, it’s been showing off the device at this year’s CeBIT. PC Pro got a private hands-on demo with Surface’s director of product management, the superbly named Matt Champagne.

Sitting idle in the darkened demonstration room, the 30in Surface screen showed a screensaver-style pond animation, with rippling water. Just sitting beside it, our fingers were itching to try. Touching the tabletop produced water ripples around each fingertip; swishing a hand across the water gave an effect eerily identical to swishing your hand through real liquid.







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