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What exactly is the point of Surface RT?

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Surface RT

The ongoing story of Windows 8, and in particular the Microsoft Surface hardware, keeps rumbling onwards. Hot on the heels of news that Microsoft was holding a Surface RT firesale for developers, and setting a “get one in a packet of breakfast cereal” price for academic institutions, comes the news that Microsoft has a warehouses full of unsold stock that has an unpleasant tendency to depreciate. And your auditors have an unhelpful requirement that things are valued correctly.

So the news that there is a near billion dollar writedown on the value of the Surface RT stockpile held by Microsoft comes as no great surprise, although the scale and size of the loss is substantial. Some are claiming it points to Microsoft having ordered some six million units of the thing, which, although somewhat higher than I would have expected, might turn out to be about right.

One has to ask what would motivate an organisation such as Microsoft to display such strong belief in a product that has real hard costs associated with it? After all, getting the production rate for something like Windows is not an issue — its licenses, bits of paper, and a few DVDs. Building laptops is a different kettle of fish.


Does the Windows 8 hybrid overcomplicate a simple problem?

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Microsoft Surface with Windows RT

I’m not sure exactly when I lost patience with Microsoft and Windows 8 — most likely when using the Surface for the first time. It’s always been an OS with a split personality, but from the start we were promised the hardware would make it all seem natural. It would innovate, the OS ushering in a new era of mobile computing.

With a few exceptions – touchscreen Ultrabooks are undoubtedly cool – the new era hasn’t started well. (more…)

Kindle Fire HD means price is now everything for Microsoft

Friday, September 7th, 2012

Kindle Fire HD 8.9inSo Amazon has launched its Kindle Fire range in the UK, and it’s no understatement to say the two we’re getting in the UK come with sizzling price tags. A 7in Android 4 device with an IPS screen and access to all of Amazon’s various media libraries and services? That’ll be £159 for the 16GB model. Yes, £159.

If you don’t mind a lower resolution and some lesser specs, that falls to a faintly ridiculous £129 – and that’s for a 7in tablet that’s fully capable of playing video, downloading magazines and doing all the things an Android tablet normally does.







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