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Office of the future: comfy chairs and tablets everywhere

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014


What will the office of the future look like? Samsung has tried to answer that with a recent event showcasing the future of work – and it would appear that next-gen offices will be heavy on Samsung tablets and panel displays.

The first bit of tech on display was pre-event: before I entered the main showcase, a Samsung staffer excitedly asked for the NFC-enabled name tag I’d just been handed. She swiped it on a small device, waited a minute, and swiped again. Then she fiddled with the printer next to her, and swiped the card again, and 30 seconds later a coat-check tag printed out.


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Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 review: first look

Friday, January 10th, 2014

intro shot

Samsung announced an update to its ground-breaking Galaxy Camera at CES 2014, and we were lucky enough to give an early sample an in-depth test while in Las Vegas. The final version will go on sale in February, with a suggested retail price of £399 inc VAT.

The original Galaxy Camera gained a PC Pro Recommended award, combining as it did the best parts of a camera and phone – a compact camera with built-in 3G, a full-sized screen and Google Android to power it, not to mention a phenomenal 21x optical zoom.


Samsung Galaxy S4: how to double your battery life

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

DSC_1191I love my Samsung Galaxy S4, but I don’t love its battery life. Samsung advertises “up to eight hours” of active use, but when I’m sitting on the tube playing a game, and my phone is constantly searching for a mobile signal that isn’t there, I swear that battery meter ticks down by 1% a minute. Having paid for a premium smartphone, I hate feeling like I have to carefully ration my use of it.

I can’t blame Samsung. You won’t do much better with a Nexus 5 or an HTC One. There seems to be an industry-wide consensus that slimness is king. Your phone might run out of juice by sundown, but while it’s spending the evening conked out in your pocket, at least it won’t ruin the line of your trousers.


Reasons why smartwatches’ time will come

Thursday, September 5th, 2013


Last night, Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Gear watch; and the general response was “meh”. Friends, colleagues and PC Pro commenters all seem to have quickly concluded that the device is a gimmicky, impractical gadget.

To which I say, hold on. The “smartwatch” idea is a pretty new one, and such ideas can take a while to show their full potential. My initial reaction to the original iPad was decidedly dismissive; even the first-generation iPhone attracted plenty of doubt, and not just from me. Yet as Apple iterated the hardware and invested in the software, we shortly all came to realise that actually these gadgets were just what our lives had been missing all along.


Samsung Galaxy NX review: first look

Friday, June 21st, 2013

Samsung Galaxy NXSamsung made quite a stir when it launched its 3G-enabled Android-based Samsung Galaxy Camera earlier this year. Now the Samsung Galaxy NX is here to take the concept upmarket.

From the front it’s nothing special, bearing more than a passing resemblance to the company’s existing range of NX cameras. It looks like a shrunken DSLR, with a small hump on the top for an EVF (electronic viewfinder), a large grip to one side and a number of knobs and buttons on the top plate.


Is Apple rattled by Samsung? Let’s hope so

Monday, March 18th, 2013

The new anti-Android page at the Apple website

Defensive, prickly and occasionally flat-out disingenuous, Apple’s attempt to swing undecided buyers to the iPhone is great news. For Android users, it confirms that the long wait for an alternative mobile platform that you can bring home to your parents is almost over. Apple’s anti-Android potshots are an indication that Android has finally come of age for consumers.

That’s good news for everyone. If Apple now sees Android as a real threat, it will have to find ways to stop users drifting away. In the long run, Apple on the back foot should mean nicer, better-value products. In the short term it means snippy, linkbait anti-Android marketing barely worth the HTML it’s written on – but still, Apple’s rattled. That can only be a good thing.


Samsung just cut Google out of Android

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 white

In this month’s PC Pro, our Talking Point asks whether Samsung’s Galaxy brand is now bigger than Google? Had we written that after last night’s launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4, I suspect the conclusions would have been rather different.

Make no mistake: Samsung just shafted Google. The company spent about 10% of last night’s launch event talking about the new hardware, and the remainder of “the show” unveiling a phalanx of new services, many of which fall into direct competition with Google’s own. Android has effectively become a piece of open-source firmware on Samsung’s latest handset, not the money-generating gateway to services that Google intended it to be.


Greatest Hits of MWC 2013

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

MWC Logo With the world’s largest mobile technology show about to take place in the sunny environs of Barcelona. it’s time to kick off something new for our coverage of the show this year: PC Pro’s Greatest Hits of MWC 2013. It’s our pick of the best products and technologies on show at the event. Nine products will walk away with a Greatest Hits award, and as ever we’re looking for our readers’ help in picking the winners.

If you see a product you think deserves to be considered, then make a comment on this blog by midnight Tuesday 5 February (UK time). In addition to five products earning the Greatest Hits accolade, we’re giving away four awards in the following specific categories:


HTC One review: first look

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013


HTC hasn’t made a ground-breaking handset in a few years, but first impressions suggest the HTC One is a welcome return to form.

We’ve been hands-on with the new phone, and the One makes a superb first impression. Its body is constructed entirely from aluminium, with two diamond-cut bands that contain the aerials. The good looks are matched with excellent build quality – the 143g device feels as sturdy as anything Apple or Samsung can muster. (more…)

Samsung Series 7 Chronos review: first look

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Samsung Series 7 Chronos at CES 2013

Don’t be fooled by their similar names: the Samsung Series 7 Chronos couldn’t be more different to its much smaller sibling, the Series 7 Ultra. This is a 15.6in behemoth designed for the heaviest of duties – Samsung uses the phrase “ultimate performance for professional creation” – and that’s obvious from the moment you pick it up.

That said, compared to other 15.6in laptops, the Chronos is quite light: Samsung claims it weighs 2.35kg. Mind you, it also claims that it’s just 20.9mm thick – we’ll have to measure it with the office callipers when the final sample arrives in the office, but we suspect it’s closer to 30mm at its fattest point.







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