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Greatest Hits of CES 2013: PC Pro’s pick of the best products

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

PC Pro CES 2013 Greatest HitsThe world’s largest consumer electronics show is now into its final throes, which means we can reveal the shortlist for our pick of the show’s innovations: PC Pro’s Greatest Hits of CES 2013.

Now we need your help to decide the winner for the Best Innovation. Read the descriptions below and then cast your vote using the link at the bottom of the blog — but be quick, because voting closes at 6pm (UK time) on Thursday 10 January. [Edit: the vote is now closed]

In addition to the winner of this category, on Friday we’ll also be announcing our pick of the tablets, phones and laptops that have been unveiled at CES 2013. (more…)

Farewell you crazy Diamond

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Touch Diamond in full flowI’ve been desperately trying to like the HTC Touch Diamond, forcing myself to use it for the past six months, but fate has intervened. Or, more specifically, the Diamond getting soaked in water intervened – though I did my best to let all its parts dry out, it developed a nasty habit of switching on and off randomly. Not great behaviour for a mobile phone.

Digging through my drawers, what did I unearth? None other than my old HTC Touch, and I have to admit to falling in love with it all over again. Because, unlike the Diamond, it’s not incredibly annoying! (more…)

How long does your phone take to boot?

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

David Fearon recently lamented the fact that, from the moment he presses the power button, his bleeding-edge PC takes a staggering seven-and-a-half minutes to doing anything vaguely useful. Well, I’ve begun to notice that today’s so-called “smartphones” are becoming similarly sluggish.

I own a reasonably bog-standard Nokia N73. In the smartphone world, this is the equivalent of a 2:1 from an ex-Polytechnic, as compared to say, the first-class honours from Oxford that is the Apple iPhone. There’s a mere smattering of non-core applications installed on the thing – the Opera Mini browser, the Gmail mobile app. No antivirus software or anything else that could potentially interfere with the boot process.

So why on earth does it take 50 seconds to get from pressing the power button to a phone that can actually, well, phone? I always turn my phone off at night to save battery and stop random drunk idiots waking me up at 4am in the morning, when they dial the number their mate Carl had 12 years ago. But should I wake up one night to find my house burning to the ground with only my mobile in reach, I’ll be suing Nokia for the 50 seconds it took my phone to kick into life, display a gruesome welcome message, and blast out that infuriatingly twee jingle, while my family are busy choking on the fumes.

And I bet the N73 isn’t the worst offender, either. Let us know how long your phone takes to wake up using the comments feature below.






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