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Is Office 365 the best thing that’s ever happened to Linux?

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012


Currently, my office PC is running the betas of both Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.04 — a situation that is doubtless pushing Dennis Publishing’s IT manager a little closer to his well deserved nervous breakdown.

Yesterday, I spent the day working solely in Ubuntu 12.04 to see how the OS is progressing. I’m a big fan of the tweaks made to the Unity interface; the drop-down killing Head Up Display is tinged with brilliance if currently a little sluggish; and the Ubuntu Software Store is maturing nicely. However, there’s one thing I’ve always missed when working in Ubuntu: Outlook. Despite the protestations of the Linux faithful, neither Evolution nor Thunderbird — the two default mail clients in recent versions of Ubuntu — are a patch on Outlook when it comes to dealing with an Exchange Server.

The only other option was to worm in via Outlook Web Access, but because there’s no Linux version of Internet Explorer, you were forced to use the horribly rudimentary stripped-down version, which was spitefully designed to punish people who had the barefaced cheek to run Chrome or Firefox. The old version of Outlook Web Access made Lotus Notes look cutting edge: even basic tasks such as creating a meeting were akin to a colonoscopy, and you could literally make a cup of tea in the time it took to perform a basic keyword search of your inbox.


How to add week numbers in Microsoft Outlook 2010

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Calendar with week numbers I didn’t realise until recently that week numbers are a bit of a European obsession, which is why US-created software such as Microsoft Office tends to ignore them.

You had to jump through three or four hoops in Office 2003 and Office 2007 to add them (clicking Tools | Options | Calendar Options and then tickboxing “Show week numbers in the Month View and Date Navigator”), but fortunately Outlook 2010 makes it much easier.

Or at least, easier to explain. So, here are the three steps you need to add week numbers in Outlook 2010.


How to keep on top of email

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Email small I admit that I’m a little obsessed by email. Not only have I previously blogged on how I use Outlook, I also wrote a feature on How to Master Outlook for PC Pro last year and interviewed the man behind Getting Things Done, David Allen.

Now David Allen is a man I admire greatly, and I’m sure there are thousands of people who have converted to his way of doing things with huge success. But he advocates a “system”, a complete change in your habits, and the brutal reality is that most people can’t change their ways. And that includes me.

Instead, I seem to have arrived at a way of doing things that can be best thought of as a kludge. It doesn’t always work and it has its faults. Sometimes I drown in so much email that I want to scream, and sometimes I forget things. But in my mind it’s a 20% of the effort with 80% of the result kind of approach, so for better or worse I share it here.


The importance of being important

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

It\'s important, okay?I challenge the world: has anyone actually found any use for the High Importance button in Outlook? Yet again I’ve received a message this morning marked with a little red exclamation mark, telling me the sender considered the message important.

But I don’t. It’s one of a long line of messages I’ve received this morning, and it ranks right there in the middle. I don’t know why I find this so annoying – the fact that someone I’ve never met has decided what’s important to me – but I do.

Am I alone? And can someone actually think of a positive need for the High Importance button? Let me know. It’s important.


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Self-deleting sent emails

Monday, May 12th, 2008

An email deluge - but how do you cope with itI’m not sure if it’s the worst thing about being editor of a national magazine or the best thing, but I get many, many emails from readers every day. Sometimes they’re nice; other times they’re not. And sometimes they’re quite simply useful – such as this one.

“Hi, I am looking for a program for deleting (my) sent emails over a short period of time. I have heard of such programs, but I do not know if there is one out yet/name of it.







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