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Quickest way to upload 1GB? Hop on a train

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Train blur

I was in London last week when I saw the 4G symbol pop up on my HTC One handset for the very first time. I’m on the 3 network, which has upgraded its customers to 4G without fuss or extra charge — just one of the many reasons why I put up with its iffy reception down here in Sussex.

Naturally, I did the first thing any nerd would do: I ran a speed test. The results? 35.73Mbits/sec down, 12.45Mbits/sec up. Socks: blown off.

Then a rather sobering thought occurred to me, which was later confirmed by my back-of-an-envelope calculations. Just a day earlier, I had uploaded around 1GB of photos for a client from my ADSL connection at home in Sussex, which has an upload speed of only 0.71Mbits/sec. Would it have been quicker for me to make the one-hour train journey to London, upload the files using my (unlimited) mobile data account and head back, than to upload 1GB of photos from home?


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A week with 4G: our verdict

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

EE 4G speed test

Mobile network EE is pleased as punch to have 4G all to itself for six months, and last week it celebrated that fact by sending out a pile of 4G-enabled handsets to us tech journalists for testing.

You’ve already heard about the high prices, and the rather ridiculous 500MB data cap on the cheapest £36 per month tariff. But what is it like to use, and does it meet all of EE’s speed claims? I’ve been using a 4G HTC One XL LTE for a week to find out.


Mobile data survey: tell us your results

Thursday, October 18th, 2012


Last week I wrote about a feature we’re going to be running soon, in which we try to work out what mobile data allowance the average person needs on their contract. I asked you to download and run a traffic monitoring app on your phone for seven days (even if you didn’t, you can still help).


“4G comes to 3″ – except it doesn’t

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

4G on 3

Here at PC Pro, we’re big fans of the mobile network 3 – largely because of its no-nonsense marketing. It sells “all-you-can-eat” data and you get just that, unlike many other “unlimited” packages.

Big fans, that was, until we read this morning’s blog post heralding the arrival of 4G on its network.

4G is the term commonly used to refer to next (i.e. fourth) generation mobile networks, predominantly Long Term Evolution (LTE). It is not a short-hand for 3G that goes a little bit faster. Until today.


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