Four ways to get PC Pro every month

At the risk of sounding like a Stephen Fry voice-over, it’s never been easier to get your hands on PC Pro every month. We now have four different ways to pick up the magazine in either print or digital form, and to help you decide which suits you best, I’m going to run through the options here.

PC Pro Enhanced

PC Pro Enhanced is designed from the ground-up for the iPad (any generation) and the iPad mini, and it contains almost all* of the regular magazine content, plus a selection of interactive features.

You’ll find 360-degree photography and video of the month’s leading reviews, interactive walkthroughs that allow you to swipe to the next step on the iPad whilst you’re following on your PC, and audio snippets from the PC Pro podcast team throughout the magazine.

To download the latest issue, search for “PC Pro Enhanced” in the iTunes Store, and download the free app. Each edition costs £3.99, subscriptions start from £19.99, or you can try three issues for £1 by clicking here.

If you downloaded the PC Pro Enhanced app during our free beta test period, please make sure you’ve updated the app to the latest version to ensure you can activate subscriptions.

Current PC Pro print magazine subscribers can add PC Pro Enhanced to their subscription for only £8 per year.

(*The only content excluded is the cover disc pages, which are obviously irrelevant without the magazine cover disc)

PC Pro Replica for iOS and Android

The predecessor to PC Pro Enhanced has been renamed PC Pro Replica, and is a digital facsimile of the paper magazine.

Containing all the content from the magazine, bar the cover disc pages, this app allows you to flick through the pages of the magazine, just like a paper magazine. You can zoom and pan to read articles in more detail, but unlike PC Pro Enhanced it’s not specifically designed for the tablet/phone screen and there’s no extra, interactive content.

It's available on iOS and Android, with the Google play version including a neat text mode, which strips out the text and images for reading in a clear, resizable font.

iPad owners who purchased subscriptions to PC Pro Magazine for iOS directly from Dennis Publishing can transfer to PC Pro Enhanced free of charge. Unfortunately, we cannot extend that offer to customers who purchased subscriptions through the iTunes Store, because Apple does not share subscriber details with us.

PC Pro on Zinio for iOS, Android and Windows

If you’re not an iOS user, you can still get a digital facsimile of the print magazine via Zinio. This app works on Android, Windows and iOS, giving you access on a wide range of tablets and smartphones.

Each issue is fully searchable, and you can bookmark articles and individual pages for later reading.

Individual issues cost £2.99, with an annual subscription costing £31.99.

PC Pro magazine

Finally, we come to the mothership – the good old, fully bathroom compatible print magazine. Subscribers get the magazine delivered to their doorstep a week or more before it appears on the newsagent or digital shelves, and it also includes a CD/DVD (depending on which version you buy) full of great software every month.

Best of all, its batteries never run out.

PC Pro magazine costs £4.99 for the CD edition or £5.99 for the DVD. Annual print subscriptions cost £49.99, but you can take our no-commitment trial of your first three issues for only £1 by clicking here.

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