Backup devices

  • Barracuda Backup Server 290 review

    Barracuda Backup Server 290

    Dave Mitchell
    28 Nov 2014

    Beautifully simple on-site and cloud backup, combining top Windows platform support with easy deployment

  • WD Arkeia DA1300

    WD Arkeia DA1300 review

    Dave Mitchell
    24 Jun 2014

    A great-value backup appliance with wide client support – but the Arkeia software isn’t easy to use

  • Western Digital

    OS X Mavericks wipes data on Western Digital drives

    Nicole Kobie
    4 Nov 2013

    Western Digital warns users from upgrading to Apple's Mavericks over data loss

  • Tandberg Data LTO-6 HH

    Tandberg Data LTO-6 HH review

    Dave Mitchell
    15 Mar 2013

    The new LTO-6 combines top performance with low storage costs

  • Tandberg Data RDX QuikStation

    Tandberg Data RDX QuikStation review

    Dave Mitchell
    3 Aug 2011

    It’s late to the game, but the QuikStation is a versatile RDX autoloader well suited to small-business backup

  • Tandberg Data DPS2040

    Tandberg Data DPS2040 review

    Dave Mitchell
    23 Aug 2010

    The DPS2040 looks capable of covering a wide range of backup requirements for small businesses

  • IDSBox Mini

    IDSBox Mini review

    Dave Mitchell
    10 Jun 2010

    More costly than managed services but the IDSbox Mini puts you in command of all your data backup, off-site replication and recovery operations

  • StorageCraft ShadowProtect Server 4

    StorageCraft ShadowProtect Server 4 review

    Dave Mitchell
    10 Jun 2010

    An impressive range of disk imaging and backup management tools, but StorageCraft has jumped the gun on some of ShadowProtect's new features

  • HP StorageWorks Ultrium 3000 SAS

    HP StorageWorks Ultrium 3000 SAS review

    Dave Mitchell
    17 May 2010

    HP's new LTO-5 drive delivers top performance - the only tape format worth considering for backup and data archiving

  • Cloud

    Microsoft pokes fun at Google's storage service

    Stuart Turton
    13 Jan 2010

    Google offers users 1GB of free online storage, which isn't quite as much as 25GB Microsoft was quick to remind us

  • HP StorageWorks DAT 320

    HP StorageWorks DAT 320 review

    Dave Mitchell
    17 Nov 2009

    The DAT 320 shows there's plenty of life in tape yet, providing high performance and hardware encryption

  • NEC T16A2 Tape Library

    NEC T16A2 Tape Library review

    Dave Mitchell
    2 Oct 2009

    A compact tape library with high storage capacity and performance, with licensing for all 16 slots

  • IDSBox

    IDSbox review

    Dave Mitchell
    27 Aug 2009

    Small businesses that don't trust managed backup providers for off-site storage should check out IDSbox

  • Tandberg Data DPS1100 VTL

    Tandberg Data DPS1100 VTL review

    Dave Mitchell
    25 Aug 2009

    Tandberg delivers an easily managed VTL with tremendous expansion potential and good overall backup speeds

  • HP StorageWorks RDX Removable Disk Backup System review

    Dave Mitchell
    5 Jun 2009

    Small business can say goodbye to tape-based backup, as the RDX offers a far more cost-effective and faster alternative

  • Tandberg Data StorageLibrary T40+ review

    Dave Mitchell
    17 Sep 2008

    The T40+ shows tape has a lot to offer for data backup, as this well-built library has massive expansion potential

  • Quantum LTO-4 HH review

    Dave Mitchell
    21 Jul 2008

    A compact, good-value LTO-4 SAS tape drive kit well suited to businesses with big backup requirements and a need for speed

  • Iomega REV 120GB review

    Dave Mitchell
    15 Jul 2008

    REV just keeps on going, as it still looks a solid alternative to tape for SMB backup with this latest version offering a useful increase in capacity and performance

  • HP StorageWorks D2D4000 Backup System review

    Dave Mitchell
    9 Jul 2008

    HP brings de-duplication technology to the masses, with a D2D backup appliance that delivers in the value stakes and offers big savings on storage capacity.

  • Quantum GoVault Data Protector 800 review

    Dave Mitchell
    16 Jan 2008

    The GoVault offers cost-effective disk-based backup and combines this with a very clever backup utility.