1. Lightroom 6 review - main UI

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6 review

    Darien Graham-Smith
    27 Apr 2015

    A long-awaited upgrade that adds new creative options to an already well-stocked toolbox

  2. BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition - main shot

    BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition review

    Jonathan Bray
    24 Apr 2015

    The BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition marks a thoroughly underwhelming debut for Canonical's Ubuntu Phone platform

  3. Ubuntu 15.04 review - dash

    Ubuntu 15.04 review

    Darien Graham-Smith
    23 Apr 2015

    Ubuntu is as capable as it ever was, but this update adds nothing of real significance

  4. Acer Revo One RL85

    Acer Revo One RL85 review - a desktop PC that fits in the palm of your hand

    Jonathan Bray
    23 Apr 2015

    Acer’s attempt to redefine the desktop PC is an attractive, surprisingly flexible box of tricks

  5. Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi review

    Sasha Muller
    23 Apr 2015

    Asus produces a slim, alluring Windows hybrid that takes on the Surface Pro 3 at its own game

  6. Huawei Ascend P8 review - main shot

    Huawei P8 review - in full, including benchmarks and battery life tests

    Jonathan Bray
    21 Apr 2015

    The Huawei P8 takes the Chinese smartphone manufacturer up a level, but can it really challenge Samsung, HTC and Apple?

  7. ViewSonic VP2780-4K review

    Sasha Muller
    17 Apr 2015

    ViewSonic serves up an affordable, good-quality 4K monitor for under £700 – it’s not quite up to professional standards, though

  8. Amazon Fire TV Stick review - Kitchen setting

    Amazon Fire TV Stick review - in full

    Vaughn Highfield Jonathan Bray
    15 Apr 2015

    The Amazon Fire TV Stick takes the fight to Google Chromecast and comes out swinging

  9. Asus X200MA review

    Stuart Andrews
    10 Apr 2015

    Lots of storage, but shortcomings see the Asus trail the budget front-runners

  10. The OS X 10.10 Yosemite desktop has flatter icons, a flatter Dock and a new system font

    Apple OS X Yosemite review with 10.10.3 update

    Darien Graham-Smith Vaughn Highfield
    10 Apr 2015

    Apple OS X Yosemite brings iOS and OS X closer together than ever - we examine the new 10.10.3 update

Blog Posts

  1. Superfish and Privdog: when vendors make you vulnerable

    Simon Edwards
    26 Feb 2015

    Pre-installed "security" software can make things worse for consumers

  2. Lenovo's Superfish foul-up shows just how sick the PC market is

    Ian Betteridge
    19 Feb 2015

    Vendors turn to desperate measures as profits shrink

  3. 10 years of YouTube in 10 videos

    10 years of YouTube in 10 videos

    Vaughn Highfield
    13 Feb 2015

    How YouTube evolved from a place to share funny videos to a money-making powerhouse

  4. Future technology

    Ten things that will definitely have happened by 2020 (according to CES)

    Tim Danton
    9 Jan 2015

    What if all the hype really came true? Editor-in-chief Tim Danton makes some wild predictions...

Real World Computing

  1. Digital Padlocks

    The 5 ways to stop your business from being hacked

    Davey Winder
    11 Mar 2015

    How to secure data and educate staff to protect against hacking attempts

  2. 15 reasons to visit Bett 2015

    Stuart Andrews
    19 Jan 2015

    Need one good reason to go to Bett this week? How about 15?

  3. Your guide to Bett 2015: What to expect, who's presenting and how to make the most of your time

    Stuart Andrews
    17 Jan 2015

    From Jimmy Wales to top influencers from Intel, Microsoft and HP, there's much to see at Bett 2015

  4. Black Friday is no excuse: online shops need to match demand, not cut supply to deal with it

    Paul Ockenden
    28 Nov 2014

    Paul Ockenden lays into the online shops that keep their virtual customers queueing for no good reason


  1. How to delete your Facebook account

    Jane McCallion
    13 Mar 2015

    Remove yourself from Facebook forever with our five-step guide

  2. How to install Windows 10 for phones Technical Preview 2

    Jane McCallion
    24 Feb 2015

    A step-by-step guide to upgrading your Windows Phone

  3. Superfish Lenovo adware, how to remove

    How to remove Superfish from your Lenovo computer

    Vaughn Highfield
    20 Feb 2015

    A guide to clearing your computer of Lenovo’s Superfish adware

  4. How to enable Cortana on Windows 10 main

    How to enable Cortana on Windows 10 in UK

    David Court
    30 Jan 2015

    Bring Windows 10's personal assistant, Cortana, to the UK