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Microsoft reveals Windows 10... no, really

Microsoft skips Windows 9 and names the next version of its OS Windows 10

Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 review

Adobe Photoshop Elements 13

Adobe's power-packed consumer photo-editing package gets a sprinkling of new features

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HP MSA 1040 Storage review

HP MSA 1040 Storage

HP's MSA 1040 IP SAN storage array offers dual RAID controller redundancy for an enticing price

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Motorola Moto 360 review

Motorola Moto 360

The Motorola Moto 360 takes Android Wear into the brave new world of round watch faces; is this the best smartwatch yet?

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Asus Chromebox M031U review

Asus Chromebox M031U

Google's Chrome OS makes its play for the desktop with the Asus Chromebox M031U, a dinky little Celeron-powered PC for only £205

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Kodak ScanMate i1150 review

Kodak ScanMate i1150

Kodak's new desktop scanner processes originals at lightning speed, and can scan a huge range of different media

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Apple iPhone 6 Plus review

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

With a 5.5in Full HD screen, the iPhone 6 Plus is the first Apple phablet - the burning question is whether its the best one yet

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Apple iPhone 6 review

Apple iPhone 6

Despite a bigger 4.7in screen and more powerful hardware, the iPhone 6 is the slimmest iPhone yet - but is it potent enough to conquer the Android competition?

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Canon Pixma MG6650 review

Canon Pixma MG6650

Canon perks up its affordable all-in-one, the £90 Pixma MG6650, and takes aim at the PC Pro A List

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Areca ARC-8050T2 review

Areca ARC-8050T2

Aimed at 4k video editing applications, Areca's ARC-8050T2 Thunderbolt 2 drive packs serious performance into a compact desktop chassis

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Nicole Kobie

Windows 10: a step back to go forward

Windows 10 has been announced, and Microsoft has given us a few details about how the new OS will work to hold us over until next year. Understandably,...

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Steve Cassidy

Michael Dell: Cloud infrastructure is the roads, bridges and highways of the 21st century

Michael Dell was in a quotable mood at the recent Dell Summit in Brussels. Having retaken control of his vast PC-making empire over the last 18 months or so,...

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Steve Cassidy

How to check your identity hasn’t been sold to the hackers

Database breaches, in which giant corporates such as Adobe, eBay, or Sony lose track of copies of their user and billing databases, are becoming almost weekly...

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Barry Collins

Tim Cook: this is how much TV has changed since the 70s

The stress of last week's big Apple announcements must be getting to Tim Cook. The man needs a holiday. That can be the only explanation for some bizarre comments...

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iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus screen comparison

This is where we take an in depth look at iPhone 6 vs the iPhone 6 Plus screens; in this feature we are solely focusing on comparing the two iPhone 6’s displays and then conclude which is better.

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Mac OS X Yosemite release date, price and new features

Apple released the Developer Preview of its latest Mac operating system in July, but the new OS hasn't yet been made available to the public. Here, we take a look at the OS X Yosemite release date, price and new features.

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Smartphone benchmarks 2014: what's the fastest smartphone?

We've benchmarked all of the latest high-end phones to find out what's the fastest smartphone on the market right now; here's a list of the best smartphone benchmark scores from 2014

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What is Kindle Unlimited and how does it work?

Amazon's Kindle Unlimited has arrived in the UK, offering all the books you can read for a monthly £7.99 fee. Here we reveal what Kindle Unlimited is and how it works

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How to sell more ebooks on Amazon

Kevin Partner reveals what happens when Amazon puts its weight behind a self-published title

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10 ways to make your business more secure

With a third of small businesses falling victim to online crime, this is where we explain the risks and how best to protect yourself

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Top five VoIP mistakes

If you're switching to a network-based phone system, make sure you avoid these top five VoIP mistakes.

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How to add in-app purchasing to an iPhone, Android or Windows app

We show you how to add in-app purchases to an iPhone, Android or Windows app with a few lines of code and the help of 1Touch

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Create a mailing list in MailChimp

Carefully targeted, well-designed emails to an opt-in audience can increase web traffic and conversions more effectively than the most active social media campaign

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Tracking a stolen Android phone with Prey

If you're worried about your Android device being lost or stolen, here's how to install the free Prey anti-theft tool that can help you track it down should the worst happen

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Installing Ubuntu on a Chromebook

Setting up Ubuntu on your Chromebook isn't hard to do: here's a simple guide to the steps involved.

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Setting up Java and the Android SDK for app development

Here's how to install all the support files you need to start writing, testing and distributing Android apps

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Windows 8: The perfect fit for business

Windows 8 opens the door to a plethora of new devices that can change the way you and your company do business. Click to find out more. In association with Microsoft.


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